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My teenage crush was Matt Goss (Bros):eek:

The wall and ceiling in my bedroom were completely covered in piccies of him (how sad am I?!)


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Yep. David Essex, Marc Bolan, David Cassidy, Justin Hayward, Davy Jones, Paul (in the 6th form) and my Maths teacher

Oh and the PE teacher, who was quite a hunk.

Oh and the violin teach Mr Joseph

Sure there was more :D

Oh yes, the boy down the road who stood me up for a laugh :( Went off him then. The fab dancer at the youth club (Oliver) sent me into swoon mode too. Actually, not really sure how I had time to learn anything....spent much too much time swooning :D
Me and my mum were just talking about this yesterday!!

When I was just a young girly my dad used to water ski for the local club. He'd be there a few times a week and we got dragged along every sunday for the day.

There was this gorgeous gorgeous boy of about 17 or 18 there....( I was only about 12 so only drooled lol)

We'd go every weekend and he was always there...and very very good too.

Turned out to be Mike Hazlewood....who went on to be World Champion!!

Can't add the picture...here's the link. I googled and this is him then.


Looks an ugly bugger now.....but I used to dream about him lol
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SNAP MAGGIE!!!!! :eek::eek::eek:

I'm so happy you started this thread! I'm just reading his autobiography this week too! Funny thing is though, as I'm reading I can hear his voice saying the words lol! :D The smile, the twinkly eyes (I'm a sucker for twinkly eyes! :eek:).......................:p

I also had a thing for David Cassidy but not as much as for Mr Essex, Alan Lancaster (Status Quo bass player) and Marc Bolan.

Lil K

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I had a thing for Sting when I was younger - saw The Police in concert a couple of months ago - and he's still got 'it' :D
Don't say it, don't say it:

Peter andre - OH THE SHAME!



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leah - Peter Andre????!!!!????? :eek: *shakes her head in shame at being leah's mate*

I was far more sensible and had attainable teenage crushes, and i generally attained them!;)


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I loved Damon albarn had his picture in my purse lol
Thought we would get married one day, have 2 children ( 1 boy 1 girl maddie and david) . Stalker who me :eek: nooo !

Although i would of had to divorce him for brandon lee (The crow) but then he died so then that would of left me a widow.

So next step was a torrid affair with George clooney that is still going on :p.

Other than that never had much time to think about silly crushes :giggle:!
Julie xxx

p.s George says HI :D
I'm sorry Del, i loved those rippling abs!

Had the doll too - WHY AM I TELLING TOU ALL THIS?!

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