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Teenagers/20s on Lipotrim?

Ok technically I won't be a teenager for a couple of months more, but I just wondered if there might be any young 'uns on this site at the moment...it's not that I really appreciate reading everyone's stories because they have all really helped me, so thank you. But I would just find it interesting to see if there are any other people around my age who are doing this diet and what they think of it?

On the whole it is really, really strange. It seems that your friends never want to offend you and are always saying "No! You look great!" when they are 9 or 10 stone or whatever and by this age, aren't too fussed about dieting. And also being at uni was the time I put on serious weight; I found it wasn't so much even just drinking alcohol, but whenever you go out there's always some kind of junk food involved too. It's not only cocktails and bars but some weird fried thing on the way home, which I really regret the next day.

But it's also going out; right now in summer, all my friends are saying let's go for lunch here, let's go to this pub garden there, last night I went to Wetherspoons and luckily it wasn't a night aimed at drinking just chatting, so I got away with water very easily. But I'm ashamed to say that all the stress and problems that have been affecting me lately made me crack when I got home and I snacked on ham. I'm so disappointing in myself, I went for 8 days not cracking whatsoever and I've already done so. With everything going on at the moment - parent issues, counselling, anxiety and depression, re-doing my university year because I cracked so badly - I always felt I could rely on this diet at least for one part of my life to be under control. Argh!!

But anyhow, I'm up and doing it again for sure. What I just want to know is how people deal with socialising - because it's only now I realise how socialising goes hand in hand with food and drink! It's practically impossible to get away from it. I don't want to be holed up at home all summer because that'll drive me crazy, but I don't want to put myself in another anxious situation like yesterday to cause me to break it. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Being an overweight teenager is like never really having an adolescence. You never went through weird phases of different clothes because you never had the confidence or drive to - I now never care to go shopping. You never really find your own identity because it feels like "the fat cheerful friend" has always been it. I just want to know if there are any other young guys going through that on here, because so often it feels like any issues you have at this age are put down to 'teenage angst', which is not only infuriating but upsetting.
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Back on the diet train...
hey hun im 23 if that helps. :wavey:

i can relate with alot with what you said, especially the social aspect. i went to this huge park near me the other day with my friends not realising that they had brought a picnic!!! :eek: it was really hard and was a wake up call as up until then i had not put myself in that type of situation.

i got home and got a little upset and my mum said to me that if it is totally impossible to stay away from food then i could have a little bit of chicken or fish as this wouldnt take me out of ketosis OR accept that for the time being this is my new life and that i cant eat what my friends are because i want to be slim.

to get to the weight i started this diet on i abused food, i didnt taste it and it was always on my mind. i was so bad that i was eating food whilst planning my next meal. :mad: i suddenly got fed up of feeling like rubbish and all the health problems that i just started LT the next day!!!

this was the best decision i ever made, 6 weeks later i am 30lb down and 2 dress sizes!!! ive now got used to the diet and realise this is how its going to be until im at goal. im actually enjoying it. finally having control and the buzz i get from losing is better than all the chocolate in the world. :D

but i dont go out into situations where food is dominant. if my friends want to go out i now find out if food is involved so i can make an informed choice not to go. most friends are understanding and will change plans to go cinema or a pub (without food) or even walks :p

you have also got to think that the body/mind is a very clever thing as it wants to keep your fat stores incase of famine, so will make you feel as though you have got to have food so you will eat thus keeping your fat stores. but you have to really think you are not hungry. its all in the mind.

you have made the decison to start this diet, which is tough as the main thing we had to focus on has been taken away. but to get to where you want to be you have to go through this and change your social life to suit this as even when you come off the diet you cant go back to how it was before eating wise.

i hope this helps. good luck and if you want to chat im always around!! :D
hey Lillah,

im 22 and it is really really tough, i went to a gig last week and there was a free bbq and your first drink free! And willpower kicked in and i stuck to water all night! we finished the night at about 5am and all my mates wanted pizzas/burgers/kebabs etc, i was driving and had all these smells in the car but managed to stick with it!

Most of my friends from boxing especially thought i couldnt do it but now after nearly 3 weeks theve got used to it and now dont even try to wind me up! I do get a slight satisfaction from knowing you managed to say no!

socially it is difficult but i still go out at weekends and wake up the next morning with a clear head! And i still go out bowling/cinemas etc etc at least once a week! I think once your friends realise your deturmined to do it and nothing will stop you they will eventualy get used to it!

Good luck and stick with it youl do fine

dave x
I'm 25 and I've lost over 6 stone. :)
Thank you so much everyone for your replies!!!
It really, really helps. I love this forum, it really makes you feel like you're not alone in this...no age is not really a matter, I was just curious as to whether there might be anyone like me doing this diet. But thanks so much for replying, I really appreciate it.
To bex, dave and justice; your progress really inspires me, I really hope I can get to that stage in the future! No; not hope, I know I will.
Bex and Dave, yeah I have only told two of my very good friends that I'm doing this diet actually. I just feel like it's so much hassle telling everyone else about it and I'd rather get into the swing of it first. Shame bex, that must have been so...argh! And Dave I can just bet, going to a gig with free food and drink!? It's everyone's dream but for us...it's just hell! It's the smells that just get me. Coming back home from uni for the summer now, with family cooking all around me...my mother is doing it as well which really helps. We whine about it together, constantly haha XD

Thank you for your responses and suggestions; I think that I too will just try and push forward for this a little bit more. Just go for situations where food is not always primary and drink not so necessary to make an event of something. Otherwise I'll just have to skip it; yeah, just today I said to my parents I'm sorry, but there is no way I can go food shopping for you guys anymore. Just because I'm more responsible than my older brother, well, you're just going to have to make him do it for you instead because I cannot handle those kinda things anymore.

Thanks guys!! I feel much much better now. Bring on Friday's weigh-in!!
Lily xxx

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