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Tefal Actifry

wow, i would love one, but at £100 ago, il stick to the DIY version haha

Bet there tasty tho....Mmmmmm


I am one of the 63336
I love my Actifry too but with a child in the house and 2 that visit frequently (and my snacking) it doesn't get used for anything bar chips (yet!!)

It sounds daft but it took me ages to leave them in for long enough! I used to take them out when they had brown blotches and were cooked - but they were also a bit limp. It's only recently I've left them in for the extra 10 minutes or so and they've come out golden and crisp


Grappling with life
I have had an actifry for almost a year now and I love it. If it broke I would replace it without hesitation. I do my SW chips in it. But also for the kids, oven chips, nuggets, sausages, roast veggies. My dad has done a chilli in his but don't ask me how!!!



A Girls Got 2 Do ...
love mine, currently going through fad of doing my chips ( with a good dollop of fry light) for 20 mins then I add in chopped gammon and mushroom ... cook for the last 10mins or so, meanwhile fry(light) a couple of eggs :) its a corker of a tea :).
My mums also now got one and uses it for loads of stuff. curry was her last thing i think .


Not such a fat kat now :)
I would love to try one but we eat so few chips in our house that I cant justify the £100+ . Is it really worth it?
My personal expierance was that your spending 100+ on the luxury of lazyness. E.g. no more par boiling etc.. i took mine back. I could do exactly the same if not better in my oven for just a bit more time.
Still gutted it wasnt all i wanted it to be.. tbh. x

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