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Tefal Actifry

That's a very good deal. My sister told me on Tuesday that she had been offered one for free from a lady who she cleaned for, but 'couldn't be bothered' to wait 30 minutes for chips :sigh:

Then again, my sister has never had to worry about losing weight. Shame I didn't know about the offer before hubby bought me mine.

Absolute bargain!

I know I have been known to go on about this product:eek: but it has been by far the best purchase in my weight-loss.

SW chips in the oven are so-so - I tried several methods. None, and I mean none come anywhere near the Actifry's quality and taste.

My one caveat as always is do not bother purchasing this machine without the extended warranty - sadly Tefal do not care.


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I'd love one but I don't have the room in my kitchen for one. Every time I see one in the shops I look at it longingly but I know it would end up in a cupboard :(


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Mine is stuck in a saucepan drawer! I'd rather have my saucepans in a mess in the other drawer than live without my actifry! Using it again tonight :0)
we on our 3rd, i love them toooo much, never been brave enough to do anything other than chips tho
i love mine too,,sausages are yum out of it,,well they look yum,,i haven't eaten sausages in months:((


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Either leave them a bit longer in it or spray a bit of fry light in it- I also use mccains oven chips - 5 syns for half a bag which is some eating! That's if I want really crispy ones r can't be bothered cutting my own
I got one for christmas and have used it a few times but they just are not very crispy out of it. What am I doing wrong?
I come across this question a lot in various forums.

I would advise the following.

Only use Maris Piper potatoes.

Always ensure they are peeled (if you like them peeled of course) cut, chipped and thoroughly washed to remove all starch.

Next, and possibly the most important step, ensure they are perfectly dry - if necessary rub them in a tea-towel or even dry them with kitchen towel - pat them right down - it makes a great difference.

Final step is up to you. Personally, I use 1 spoon of extra virgin olive oil as a Hex B. That is for 2.2lb of fries. If only doing a pound or half a pound, a half spoon will be sufficient.

I strongly advise thorough cleaning and even more thorough drying though. Other people have more success with other types of potato and/or oil.

Good luck!

I also find I can now do bacon and sausage in there without any fat (contained within) I cut up the pieces of bacon and half the sausages. I add sliced mushrooms 5 minutes before the end. Works great too!
I would love one of these but the reviews of them are so mixed they kind of put me off. It's a lot of money to spend on an item that seems to fall apart pretty quickly often.
So true MLM, but in fairness, I can't believe how some people have treated theirs!

Only thing I would say is do not even consider purchase WITHOUT the extended warranty - hence the Argos deal looks even better.

My latest find is parsnip a' l'Actifry :)


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My boyfriend has been going on for months about wanting a deep fat fryer to do "proper chips".

I refused to buy him one and bought him an Actifry for christmas instead. He loves it - and I can use it too!!

Unfortunately I was getting it down off the top of our cupboard last week and the plug fell down and socked me in the eye! And you guessed it - I had a lovely black eye just in time for new year celebrations!

That will teach me eh! Guess the boyf will have to do all the cooking from now on!!

Extended warranties aren't worth the paper they are printed on! Electrical items are covered for 6 years under the consumer rights law
Have to take you to task here. Ask anyone if they have had any joy out of Tefal after the year warranty - notoriously a terrible company to deal with, therefore, sometimes the extended warranty is necessary.

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