tell me I am not alone


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When I was a size 30/32 and tryed something on in a shop and it was to tight I would say things like it must be a small size 30/32 or things in this make always come up smaller.If something was tight after a couple of washes I had washed it wrong and that was why it was small.Not often would I say I must have put on weight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now that I can get into a size 14 top 18/20 bottom I have started saying things like well it is cut big or I must have streached it while ironing it.
Why am I making excuses for wareing smaller cloths????
I can understand not wanting to admit needing bigger cloths,but why do I seem scared to admit I can get smaller cloths????????????
I know I am finding it hard to see myself as others see me so perhaps that is one reason for it as I do not wont people to say things like she thinks she is a size 14 who is she trying to kid.
Does anyone else feel this way???????
It can not just be me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love Libbie x
My brain and my eyes don't match.
I can see I have lost weight by the photos....
I know I have lost weight by the smaller size clothes.
People keep telling me I have lost weight.....
But.......when it comes to mirrors I can't see a difference.

Self image is such a strange thing.
I agree, I think it was Mike that said it takes 6 months for your brain to register weight loss,
So wierd, I cannt see it in the mirror at all either so you are not alone in this, sometimes I do see it when I put clothes on and dont flab over but naked, blurgh dont do that! I see exactly what I saw before!
So pleased I am not alone.
Now I know I am not going made
One day I will see the new me that others see
Till then I will just keep outting my smaller tops
next to my size 30/32 top.
You can not miss but see the diffrance there!!!!!!
Thanks for all your nice replys.
Love Libbie x