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Tell me I dont want it!!!!

I have a chocolate chip muffin in the fridge left over from tuesday. So its going to HORRIBLE if i eat it - but things are going SO FABULOUSLY well for me in my work, and things are just so exciting....and I just want to treat myself.
NO fruit in the house either!!!

Please tell mei dont want to eat it! x
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whats going to go horribly wrong, is your weight loss! (if you eat it that is!)

wouldnt you want everything in your life to go fabulously all at once!

ignore it, you dont need it.. your hips dont need it and did you know.. scales are allergic to chocolate :O

you can do it xx
*laughs* I know I dont NEED it, infact if we had pineapple in the house i'd go for that over the choccy muffin....mmmmm Pineapple....

I feel a trip to asda coming on instead!x
You don't want it. You've come so far, an old dry muffin is a poor celebration for a fantastic occasion. You either need to go something delicious and worth the syns or something non foodie to treat yourself!
Thanks Fern!!! Just everyone keep kicking me up the butt, cos I really want at least a 1lb loss and get my 10% award on tuesday! x
You don't want it. You've come so far, an old dry muffin is a poor celebration for a fantastic occasion. You either need to go something delicious and worth the syns or something non foodie to treat yourself!
I think a trip to asda, for lots of pineapple and melon and watermelon is needed....best finish up this work I have to do before I go then! :eek:)

SO exciting times thats going off in everything else! x
Just think that as its been there since Tuesday its gone off! You dont need it or want it and its worth while making that trek to Asda to get some fruit and other free nibbles.
Nasty cake, naughty cake!

*giggles* I came to my office to finish off doing some work as I have a MAJOR busy weekend which is all good.

SO...when I finish, i will go to asda, get pineapple etc, and good nibbles for work tomorrow, and then when I get in from Asda, I will sit and eat Carrot Soup! :D


Always comes back to MMs!
Yep, gotta be the 'place in bin, squeeze fairy over it' trick... works for me :eek:) xxxx
Couple of things that this thread made me think. Firstly, I agree with veganface that old dry muffin is no way to celebrate something good - BUT - if you have syns available and you want to eat something, then provided it's within your syn allowance you CAN eat it.

The whole Slimming World theory totally allows for treats and occasional indulgence - it allows you various ways to stay in control of what you eat while still enjoying the things you enjoy.

We aren't talking about a whole tray of muffins here, just one. You make the choice of what to eat and you remain in control. Having one muffin does not make a dangerous entrance into a binge- and sticking fairy liquid on something before putting it in the bin seems a bit... like an admission of not being in control.

If you are in control, which SW does firmly give you- then isn't putting it in the bin sufficient dedication? Is the fact that it's gone in the bin not sufficient reason not to eat it? Or is the problem that without the fairy liquid it wouldn't make it as far as the bin, and thus refers back to my earlier idea of admitting you aren't in control?

Don't get me wrong, I am just as human as everyone else and do have moments where I will eat everything in sight - and have put stuff in the bin rather than eat it for the sake of it - but I wonder what sort of mixed psychological messages we are giving ourselves with this sort of extreme destruction of food.
Ummmmmmmm, just cos it's in the bin doesn't mean it's dead. Or maybe I'm the only person who can admit to having retrieved discarded foods from the bin in the past as disgusting as I find that to be. (but I wouldn't eat it if it's covered in washing up liquid)
See, I applaud you for admitting that - but thats kind of my point. If food controls you so much that you need to take those sort of steps to prevent yourself from eating them, then you are surely still seeing SW as a diet rather than an eating plan for life where you can eat anything that you enjoy in moderation.

I am not criticising, far from it, I didnt get to the weight I was at by eating healthily - and I will happily admit to having binged and quite spectacularly in the past - especially when I have been low and depressed - I just think that SW promotes a great healthy attitude towards food and would be great for people with food issues to help them manage their eating and staying in control of what they do eat, BUT, at the same time, if people are doing stuff like putting detergent on stuff to stop themselves eating it, then perhaps SW isnt enough on its own?
I thought Delleh had her tongue in cheek with the opening post. No offence Delleh, but I thought you were having a laugh :)

I used to work with a woman who would eat all her kids' leftovers. She discovered that by skooshing Fairy Liquid on their plates the minute they were finished, she would not eat up all their leftovers. She was a very strong character, but by doing this she saved a lot of time having internal dialogue with herslef. The meal was finished and ruined. End of. She lost lots of weight.
Slimming World HAS been enough for me though. I've lost 7 stone and have kept it off since January. I'm still aware though of the possibility of overeating/eating because I'm bored/or fed up/ or upset....and it's good to have a strategy to get over those times, like putting salt or washing up liquid on leftover or unnecessary food.
Think of money your wasting if you throw it out. Give it your hubby to eat and just have a little bite if you want so you dont feel like you've missed out!

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