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tell me it gets easier

Pudgy Panda

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on day 1, bad day its raining so cant go out and do much so at home ironing and looking after little one.

had strawberry for breakfast it was lovely

for lunch was gonna have chocolate - heated it a little as i was cold - it was horrible i couldnt take it, so had to make another strawberry.

i am hungry, not starving and feeling ok apart from that just needing to keep head down and do this.

think i am thinking too far ahead of next week and need to concentrate on 1 day at a time.

anyone else felt like this on day 1???
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Hi Have you tried the chocolate one with peppermint tea? It tastes loads better. Also, with coffee - mocha style. I can only drink it with mint or coffee.

I would also recommend making the shakes in a blender as it makes them more frothy. Plus I like having mine hot!

Good Luck and yes it does get easier and they actually start to taste nicer. I'm off for my strawberry now :) xxx


Here we go again!
Hi Pudgy. You're doing great, just keep plodding on and drinking lots of water. Once you have your weigh in it really spurs you on. Just keep thinking about your first weigh in, you will love it.

The diet does get a lot easier, I did it for 24 weeks last time and it does become second nature.

The shakes taste a lot better as you go on. Your tastebuds seem to adjust and find them nice. Good luck, keep on going and the weight will fall off.
it gets easier
for now i would just blend with cold water and some ice too maybe till you get use to making them, add less water first too so you find out how you like them, i dont like them with too much water, prefer them thicker....if you have a hand blender i love the shakes blended... then start tryone with a little powdered coffee in some if you like coffee... just till you get use to them... i never have mine added with hot coffee or tea i just like them like a milkshake blended with ice...

i like the soup too, sometimes i like the soup blended in a blender and sometimes i like it thicker and just keep mixing it with a fork...

you will be great once you get over a few days.. drink loads of water... i love sparkling water since on LT too, it gives a lovely taste in your mouth haha... i love it..

you will do great once you get into it x

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
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Totally agree with NMIreland, you will find your own likes and dislikes. Take it a day at a time. Week one will be over before you know it and you will be lying then. Just keep as busy as possible this week. On TFR we realise just how much time we really spend around food, thinking, planning, cooking,eating etc so we need to keep occupied till we break th eating habit!!

Pudgy Panda

Full Member
S: 11st6lb C: 10st8lb G: 9st0lb Loss: 0st12lb(7.5%)
thanks for tips, i am gonna try but really struggling.

i have awful headache, weak and dizzy and feel nauseus, i stopped drinking water at 8pm last night as i didnt want to be up peeing all night - this has totally messed me up!

i woke at 5 with such a thirst, so been drinking water since, if i am being honest i am really finding this tough.

i would distract myself but i feel so weka i cant even get off sofa, have toddler who is wanting my attention.


wish i could just sleep away the next week
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Hi there

I feel for you as I was you last week. Please trust me it does get so much easier. There are def a few really hard days in the first week - for me it was day 3 and 4. Take tabs for the headaches, drink loads of water - its a lifesaver. Try and do something nice for yourself around supper time - I have a nice girly bath every night with loads of bubbles and candles. Its my treat to myself and I always feel better after it. Thats not easy for you as you have a toddler who doesnt understand Mammy needs a time out. Do something for yourself that you can work into your day. I used the bath to escape the smell of supper each evening for hubby and kids. Am into my second week now and food doesnt bother me. I can sit at the table and watch them eat.

It really does get easier. Hop on this website when you are feeling low - the encouragement you get keeps you going.

also what i do is make the shakes whizzed with a hand help blender and I have my shake in a wine glass. Its psychological but it appears way more appealing than in a mug which I did once or twice!!

Stick with it!!!

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