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Tell me more about LL please.


Hi all,

I find LL's website a little few and far between with details.

After this radical diet, how are you meant to keep the weight off?

And also how long are the plans or is it tailored to you till to reach your target weight?

And how much does it cost?

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Gotta Make A Change
how are you meant to keep the weight off? eat healthy :) and exercise

tailored till you reach goal



Gold Member
its going to be £70 a week in the new year.

100% weight loss guaranteed - if you stick to the rules.

very easy to lose weight - maintaining is where hard work starts - if you go back to old ways of eating then obviously the weight will go back on - cbt thearapy is designed to ensure this doesn't happen.

well worth trying if you have done all the traditional weight watchers etc with no success

daisy x


Silver Member
Hi NumNum - Yes it is a drastic diet, but having 10 stone to lose, i knew i could not stick to WW for 3/4 yrs!!

You must get a health check sign off before you start, and you must have a blood pressure check every 4 weeks.

You start on a 14 week course called foundation. You will start at the same time as everyone else in your group, and there should only be between 8 and 12 people. You will learn about CBT (a new way of thinking and seeing things) and you will hopefully learn the lessons that will help you succeed. You then move onto developers, where you stay until you have reached the goal you have set. Following this you move onto route to management where you re-introduce food over a 12 week period and learn to maintain your weight.

It is not easy. it takes a lot of will power but you will loose weight faster than any other diet around.

Personally, I found it a god send, as for me, nothing else worked......is there anything else you would like to know?


Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
HGi Num nums.

It's all good info above. But I noticed in your stats your BMI is just 23.8.

I believe that is too low to do LL, as you have to have a BMI of 25 or over. LL is designed for loss of 3 stone or more, starting in an unhealthy BMI range.

You want to lose about 30 pounds or so, according to those stats - so you would probably be looking at doing Lighter Life Lite, which is all the same info as above, however, you would be required to have 3 packs a day and one lite meal conisiting of protein and veg, etc., no carbs - or very little carbs.

Can anyone confirm - is the minimum BMI requirement 25? Or is it 24? I think its 25.


Is back in the saddle!
It's above 25 for full LL. It would have to be Lite for Numnums.

BMI Calculator


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has it changed then? i'm sure it was above 30 for full LL?
daisy x

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
My hubby re-measured me and I'm 5ft 7 so I'm just over 25 bmi but he says £70 a week is too much, we cant afford it. But thankyou all very much for the information :).

I wish you alllll the best :).

Nums, be sure to work into the budget, what you spend weekly on food, and that is ALL food and drink. Groceries, pubs, pertrol stations, vending machines, etc., as you will not have those expenses.

If it is still too much, there are diets that work the same way that are about half as much - the difference being they do not offer the CBT (Cognitive Behavious Therapy) or the TA (Transcational Analysis). They are Cambridge Diet, Exante and Lipotrim.

Good luck. :)