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Ten weeks of Slimming World

Hello everyone hope you are well? I don't usually post on here but I always read x I've been back on SW for four weeks now. Lost 7.5 in my first three weeks and couldn't go this week as I've been ill. I have ten weeks till my wedding and I'm fretting! Does anyone think I could lost a stone and a half in that time? I'm currently 12 st 9 and 5 foot 4 so I have a fair bit to lose. Also my current eating habits are horrendous and I've not been 100% SW in the past four weeks due to just having an awful time with other things. I'm ready for it now tho lol! So if I give it 10 100% weeks what do u think? X Maybe I will start a diary too as a way to track?

Look forward to getting to know people x

Love Helen x x x
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Hi yes its possible just stay positive and keep thinking of that dress or most important those photos good luck keep in touch on here with a diary and we can support you.
It is possible but...don't put too much pressure on yourself! Planning a wedding is hard enough as it is without adding to it! 1-2lbs a week will mean anything between a 10lb and 20lb loss and being 100% for those next 10 weeks may mean even more coming off! Good luck xxx
i was 13 st 4 1/2lb and am now 11st 13 and have only been going for 7 week's 1 and half lb more and i have got my 1 and half stone sticker, i have had biggest losses when 100% on plan but i also go gym once a week for about an hour do a fair bit of running/jogging, cross trainer, bike and weights for legs and arms, i also go to Zumba class once a week and do dvd's/kinect dance game's when i feel like it lol but it totally can be done.

Congrat's on your wedding xx
Lelly11 it is possible but dont forget that you are 10 weeks away from the Wedding. This is when all the sometimes stressful bits can occur, and it can throw you off track. I work in the Wedding Industry, and even I get thrown off track by my client's stresses!

You have your target of wanting to get off 1.5stone, how about giving yourself 10lbs target instead.
10lb is 1lb a week, and gives you the lee-way incase you need it if you have a bad week, or a super good week.
Dont be disappointed if you dont get to your target for the Wedding, anything can happen (if you get really stressed it could come off quicker) but remember, when is your final dress fitting? 10 Weeks to the Wedding date, doesnt mean 10 weeks to the dress fitting!

You might feel great having lost 1.5stone but what if your dress is too big?! Eeek! Nothing worse than dress being too big for you especially on a day like that!

I dont want to discourage you, about how to look at it, I would just look at your final dress fitting, discuss with the bridal shop how long they need for alterations and then decide your target xx
Hi Delleh, I know what you're saying but I'm hoping a bigger aim might encourage me to push myself a bit more? Who knows lol just gonna stick to plan and hope for the best! 2011 has been constant stress so far so I'm really hoping it gets better before the wedding! Do u guys post a diary? Is it helpful? X x


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Hi Delleh, I know what you're saying but I'm hoping a bigger aim might encourage me to push myself a bit more? Who knows lol just gonna stick to plan and hope for the best! 2011 has been constant stress so far so I'm really hoping it gets better before the wedding! Do u guys post a diary? Is it helpful? X x
It is possible but as others have said as long as you do not put too much pressure on youself. i have started to post my food diary on here in the hope that it will make me stick to plan. And also if i am making any mistakes hopefully someone will spot it and let me know.
Congratulations on the wedding, go girl you can do it!:D
I don't have a food diary on here, but as advised by mrs wilsoncroft i do plan my meals for the week. On good loss weeks i have eaten no free food as snacks just pears oranges and melon, i usually have fruit and toast for breakfast, vegetable soup (homemade) or jacket potato and big salad for lunch and tea is spag bol, chicken cass erole, italian meatballs (i put onion,peppers and grated apple in the meatballs before frying as it's extra superfree and you dont tast the apple) or sw non-fryup, i do sometimes struggle with lunch's and am a big choccy fan but havent been bothered by reduced amount because i know i can have it i guess, i didnt think my weight loss was all that different from anyone elses i have had a couple 1lb loss weeks and fallen off plan just like everyone else


Hi, if it was me instead of a target weight - just try to make sure you give it 100% for the next 10 weeks and whatever you lose you lose - and you'll know you couldn't have done any better without been disappointed if you don't quite reach your goal :) x

good luck on the wedding & weight loss x
Good Luck i'm sure you'll do brilliant! xxx
Hi I was new to SW and wasn't sure it would work for me but I started at 13 5 and I'm now 12 4. I havent been doing any exercise as I've got a bad back atm. I have yoghurt and fruit for breakfast, alpen light cereal bars in the day if I'm hungry(2 are HEB), salad with laughing cow cheese triangles for dinner or beans on toast, and for tea, any meal from the SW magazine or website, or a schwartz packet mix if I haven't got much time and just check the syns online! and I also snack on fruit, mullerlights and sometimes mugshots.
I'm starting to feel hungrier this week and was struggling to feel full at the weekend so ive got plenty of fruit and I've got the alpen light bars now which at the start I never wanted! fingers crossed it's just a hungry phase and I can still loose this week, don't want to get disheartened just yet else I'll give up!

10 weeks is plenty of time to get some weight shifted and what a great incentive just think of ur dress and all the compliments you'll get!!

If you're doing this alone and need help with checking syns online etc.. just ask I go to the class and have access to the SW online which is great! Let me know if u do a diary I love been nosey and having a look!! x
Thanks everyone for replying x Kelly85 what a lovely message thank you. How long have you been doing sw? I go to class but couldn't make it this week cos my little girl has been ill but thanks for your kind offer to look stuff up x do u complete a diary on here? X x x
Sorry I meant to put that when I said what I'd lost! I joined in January and I've had 5 weigh in's so far, Wednesday will be my 6th but it'll be fingers crossed this week for anything other than a gain! I'm at work, hungry and can't wait for my tea! Going to have to bring more food, i haven't had a mugshot today so it could be that i'm missing! No I don't fill a diary in here, I do it on the SW website, I find it helps me keep track of the syns better on there. If I did it on here I'd have to check the SW website for the syns then come back here to record it all here again! But I am nosey so I look at other people's for ideas! I fond that all the meals we have at tea time are just the same as we used to have really except cooked healthier but oh likes them and also helps cooking them a lot too, do your family eat the same meals too? We've even made the sw dinner meat or burgers and it felt like I shouldn't be eating it as it didn't taste like sw at all! That week I expected to lose nothing as id eaten things that felt like cheating but were sw friendly and got a 3lb loss!!
Hope your little one is all better! x

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