Terrified about plane seats


Okay, so I am well aware I am a big girl. I weigh just shy of 23 stone And i am 5ft 11. I am a UK size 26-28. I am in the process of losing weight but I have only a month until I am travelling on a plane not once but twice....

The first is with work with virgin atlantic and the second is a holiday with Ryanair. I know the seat width is 17.5 and 17 respectively. And I am terrified I will be asked to buy two seats or kicked off the plane.

I am not worried much about the seatbelt. If I need an extension that's fine. I'm just scared I won't fit at all and get kicked off. Has anyone got any reassuring stories for me because all I'm reading online is horror stories and it's keeping me awake at night
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Nanny Doreen

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I flew to and from New Zealand to visit my Son and family.

The first time I went was just before he emigrated, I was meeting the in-laws to be.

Flew with NZAir and needed that big red extension for the seat belt. The three of us were sat on the side. I didn't actually encroach on next seat but was not comfortable. On the flight home we sat in middle seats. My son made me feel good by saying the lady I was going to sit next pulled a face.

Now that is a kinda horror story, but I did not have to have 2 sests. Not did anyone say anything. Nor did I have to get off the plane.

I did find it a bit uncomfortable.

I was a size 32-34 , possibly with a centimetre more width, if my memory is correct.

I went once a year for the next 11 years. For those years I travelled alone nobody to reassure me. I just learnt to act as though I couldn't be seen to be fat. An aeroplane seat shows you when you have lost weight.🙄,. I never had to have the extension after the first time.

This may not be what you were looking for but it will get better xxx


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I'm flying in August to Spain and am not looking forward to it, but it is good motivation to try and lose a couple of inches. It wont stop the extension this time I don't think, but next time I will not be wearing it!! I went to Belfast recently ona plane, the first time in years, and it was uncomfortable and I needed the extension. But I did it. And I realised life is for living, I cannot put my life on hold anymore. I didn't need to buy an extra seat, I was worried about that too. It is not an easy situation.

Hope your flight went well x