TESCO DIETS?? low carb ?


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I am doing it now, my reason to join tesco diets is because the only diet that works for me is to low carb, but i get bored so i end up binge eating.. After a long chat with myself, and seeing advertised, i joined tesco diets, and chose low carb plan!!

They plan your menu for you, so you don't have to worry about what to have.. And also work your shopping list out, which they can transfer to tesco.com for you to buy online (which i done)...

I am really enjoying it, The only thing is though the community forum i find is very quiet...

Have anyone tried this? Doing this?

I must say i am loving it, The recipies are devine!! And things that i would never thought of!!

Mind you not just low carb they do 16 different diets, all planned out for you.. :D
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Hi Amethyst! Yes this forum is quiet but I am determined to keep it going! Would love you to join in. Welcome to the low carb lifestyle. You should come and post on the Atkins forum, too, you'd be most welcome.

Low carb works best for me too. Nothing else minimises my cravings - this keeps me heading towards goal. I love the fact that we can eat well and still lose weight.

Good luck!


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Yey, I am low-carb-gurl as well. It does miracles for my cravings - so let's keep it going girlies xxx