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    Hi all

    Well on day 2 now :) and day 1 was pretty good! I had all my points and felt fine, which was a great feeling! Also started my totm yesterday morning, so may as well get both over and done with on the same day hehe!

    I've bought in some WW foods and Tesco HL foods to see me though the week and to try and see if I like them. However, the Tesco HL chicken korma and rice has a points bit on it and says 7.5 but when I use the WW points sliding scale page in my info pack using the cals and fat it comes to 9 points - so my question is, do I go by the Tesco box or my own working out??? I know which one I'd rather use (the lower one of course!) but I've a feeling you're all going to say the higher one :p

    I saw in a previous thread M&S, as well as Tesco, have "points" on their healthy living ranges, do you all go by what's on the product or do you double check?!

    Thanks girlies x
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  3. alison1256

    alison1256 Full Member

    I can answer my own question now lol! I was working it out by using the calories and the total fat on the WW points guide - however, my friend kindly informed me that it's only the saturated fat % you use, not the total % - whoops! Still, bonus for me, as it made my points higher than they should have been, so a few to carry over! x

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