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Tesco/phily light soft cheese


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Flavoured philly is not a HEa though, only the plain one. As the list specifically mentioned only the philly and not soft cheese in general I would assume that other brands do not count.
'Fraid not. The Tesco ones are all synned. Only reason I know is that I bought the x l soft cheese last week in a cost cutting effort, hoping that I could use it as a hex and found I had to syn it.
Awwwwwww pants :-( my daughter loves it too so it won't go to waste. Tesco has offer of x2 300g tubs of light phily BOGOF they also do garlic and herb flavour...would this be free? Think I might be clutching at straws here haha cause wanted to use a HEA portion in a pasta bake type x
I think the phily may have recently been approved as a HEA but I wasn't sure if the non branded equivalents were? Even though they do say u can substitute the branded for non branded in some cases...

Was that recipe using the plain phily or the flavoured ones? I do like the plain on crackers :) but in a pasta would like a bit of flavour although perhaps if mixed with passata could be a kinda creamy cheesy tomato bake? X


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Don't understand why there not all h/e as when you look at the values there's only about 1 calorie difference and 0.1g everything else. I have the chive one and still count it as an h/e a choice. Been losing weight so not to concerned yet xx

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Confused .... In this month mag the Philly light with grilled peppers is mentioned as a HE for 71g .... Is anybody clear if this is HEa as it doesn't say?
I'm with you Lesley. Mag deffo has 71g as HE on Green.

Other flavours aren't included but I agree with Caldill - as long as I'm still maintaining or losing, I won't lose any sleep over using favourite flavours.

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