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Tesco Shakes


Trying to lose weight
I started on these on Tuesday. Been doing everything right (I think). I have been having two shakes, one in morning and one for lunch, together with having either one or two bits of fruit (apple or pear). Then been having dinner, not too much though.

I have managed to put on 1lb since I started it though and don't seem to understand why. Can anyone shed any light as to whether the Tesco Diet worked for you or what happened if any of you were/are on it?

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are you positive your being honest with yourself about what your eating, snacking etc nibbling between shakes/snacks/meals.
just noticed your from glasgow where abouts im just outside clydebank


Trying to lose weight
Hi Kazzy,

Yeah I'm positive about what I am eating. 1 shake in morning with an apple or pear, then another shake for lunch and another snack either apple or pear. Not had even one chocolate bar or any of the tesco own snack bars. I am thinking maybe I should try and eat a breakfast and have the 2 shakes at lunch and dinner to see if that works.

I'm from the East End of Glasgow.



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Hi Amelia,

I've been using the Tesco shakes diet for about two years now. I was always one of those who scoffed at the idea of these sort of 'shake' diets, until I tried it myself. I went on it because I needed to loose weight before having a gastric bypass op (which I never had). I lost about two stone on the diet but then went through depression and gave up. I'm back on it again now and I swear by it.

Initially all I was having was a shake for breakfast, one for lunch and a weight watchers or lighter choices ready meal in the evening, but that made me ill as I have blood sugar issues, so I introduced snacks into it on the advice of the dietitian.

Now I have a shake for breakfast, a banana mid morning, shake for lunch, grapes or some sugar free jelly mid afternoon, an evening meal and I sometimes have another 100 cal snack if I feel peckish. I also try to interspace each food intake with a cup of tea (no sugar and just a little skimmed milk), as that fills my stomach. That way, almost every hour or hour and a half, I am having some kind of intake, and if I feel hungry, I just remind myself that I only have 20 mins to go before my next 'fix' and go off to do something to pass the time so that I don't pig out then feel empty later - believe me, it works!

I also found that delaying my breakfast shake helped bypass a couple of hours, as I am not usually that hungry first thing. As I tend to get up at 6am, if I started my intakes then, I'd have bigger gaps between intakes throughout the day. As I don't feel hungry in the mornings, I leave my breakfast shake until I get back from the school run and have put some washing on or cleared up a bit, by then I am feeling like I need something, so then I have my first shake.

May not work for everyone, but it works for me. I also set myself little targets such as half a stone at a time, it makes it much easier. I also don't buy sweets and biscuits etc when we go shopping.

I did read somewhere, (it could even have been on the shake box itself), that you can have a third shake during the day if you find that more filling than say snacks etc. Sugar free jelly is good, and I eat it with a tiny spoon as it seems more that way.

One thing to consider, is that you may not be loosing weight initially depending on your monthly cycle. I always put on a pound or two when I'm due on.

Hope that helps.
what kinda thing you eating for your dinner could the portions be to large,,, mind u one thing ive noticed about slimfast its made my stomach shrink and i cant physically eat as much as i did maybe you just need time for your body to settle into it


Trying to lose weight
Thank you so much for your help Gerry. I may try the way you say. I'm not a breakfast person either and prefer to wait until I get in to work at 9am and take my first shake. I think you are right about the cycle (it always bloats you). I've been drinking black coffee with one sweetner(not a tea person) and I have never taken milk in my coffee, used to always have 2 sugars but cut it down to 1 and take sweetners now.

Thanks so much for your advice.

Amelia x
Just a theory I'm not studying medicine or anything but are you drinking enough water and making sure you check what 'flavoured waters' you buy or drink?

some of these drinks contain a lot of calories in certain drinks. if your drinking fizzy drinks that's probably it. those are packed full of sugar. may be try sugar free squash if you hate the taste of water.
you might be retaining water if your not drinking your daily recommend amount your body is storing the extra water since its not getting enough its in a panic and thinking there's a drought.
I noticed when I drunk hardly any water I wasn't losing weight possibly my body storing it for later or not being able to flush stuff out my body properly.

also have you being doing a lot more exercise then normal? it could be you lost fat and replaced it with muscle which I think weighs more. So you could have lost but haven't noticed.

check the time of day you weigh yourself that makes a huge difference. Keep it to the same time of day.


Trying to lose weight
Hi Violetann,

Haven't touched any fizzy juices or flavoured waters. Have only been drinking black coffee and lots of water. Been having probably about 4 or 5 bottles of water a day.

I haven't been doing any exercise at all, not really had energy to do it as I have cut down on calories. As soon as I have the energy I will start to do exercise. I believe you are right in saying about muscle weighing more.

Thanks for the advice. All advice is much appreciated. Thanks

Amelia x
could you do the preperation for a proper meal the night before so its a case of just bunging it together when you get in,, or maybe make currys, bolognese the night before and put them in the fridge or if your doing stir frys slice everything up and store in fridge i use alot of the ready to wok noodles there great for stirfrys and low in calories and filling aswell.
Keep persevering tho and dont give up the loss will come eventually
do your family eat the same as you or are you cooking different meals for yourself
that makes life easier then i find,,, mind u i cook healthy stuff for me, OH and eldest daughter the other 5 eat the junk lol
I've used the Tesco shakes and they are just as slow as Slimfast for me but steady. Buy a pedometer and aim for 10,000 steps minimum a day. I find that it is not that hard to rack up that amount but exercise and the shakes are more successful for me.
I have tried the tesco shakes and found them to be just the same as slim fast, Gonna be going to stock up on them tomorrow hopefully!!

Keep going and you should see a difference soon xxx

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