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TESCO Ultra Slim bar offer


Loves Minimins long time
Hi guys, I can't speak for all TESCOs the country over but my local store (Chelmsford) currently has the Ultra Slim bars on offer at £3.50 for 2 boxes which contain 3 bars each. That's £1.16 (recurring!) each - much cheaper than Exante or BL bars (and imo nicer as well). I just got 12 bars of chocolate flavour :D xx
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Can you have them instead of the normal bars then...cos i get a bit confused about it..can ya tell me exactly what they are called please Jubbly cos i am off to shops in a bit xxx


Loves Minimins long time
Yes you can :D. They are: Tesco Ultra Slim Meal Replacement (for weight control) bars. I have crispy chocolate meal bars but I understand that there is also a raspberry flavour which my Tescos never seem to have. There are 3 in a pack and they are huge!! 220 cals per bar. Enjoy!! xx


Loves Minimins long time
I've been a bit naughty and had one for brekkies and one for lunch today!! xx
Thats the ones that I buy, going shopping tomorrow so will stock up!! The raspberry one is lovely!!! Really nice and sweet with the yoghurt on it too is to die for, chocolate one is lovely too!
I have just bought some of these & they are lovely. In fact I think Im hooked, as Im having to stop myself having more than 1 a day. They are on offer at my Tescos too, & only have the choc ones, which is all I would want anyway! xxx


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Hi Jubbly, could you please read both the ingredients list on the box & the silver wrapper to see if they contain wheat? It's literally just the word wheat or wheat flour. I bought the Raspberry ones before but the box didn't list wheat, it was on the silver wrapper -I'd already eaten 2 before I had seen I couldn't have them. I want to buy shakes only next month but the BL bars are going to cost me a fortune. Thank you xo
I just checked for you, yes they do contain wheat, it doesn't say so on the box, but does on the wrapper xxx


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I just checked for you, yes they do contain wheat, it doesn't say so on the box, but does on the wrapper xxx
Thank you -that saves me buying them only to throw them away once I've opened the box. Surely there must be some law about putting these things on the outside package! Thanks again for checking xo


Sensibly losing :)
Yup, I buy these too - right now the tubs of shake are also on offer @ 2 tubs for £6. I am having the odd shake at the mo as I cant do exante or recovering from an op. My diet has to be careful as had my gallbladder removed and i dont fancy eating so these are ideal when i cant be bothered or fancy a protein brekkie.. its the closest thing I can get right now for one on the odd day or so! very cheap! The bars are lovely arent they :) x
Ooh I was planning on trying these next instead of the asda ones so thanks for the heads up. Will go tomorrow and stock up if the offer is on at my local Kettering x
i grabbed 4 boxes of the choc ones today...7 quid for 12 bars..thats great value for money...gonna try and find a store that has the fruit ones xxx
I've just found these online (dont have a tesco too close to me :() and it says the offer is on until 19th december 2011, is that a typo?? Or do you think they really are on offer til the end of the year? Would be nice if they were.

Well it says from 5/3/2011 to 19/12/11 so it does look like a long term offer.
Don't these bars take you out off ketosis? X
Jubbly said:
I've been a bit naughty and had one for brekkies and one for lunch today!! xx
I had a asda bar for breakfast and dinner tut tut that's naughty xx it's back on day 1 for me today though so it can't do me major harm. Im not into ketosis yet and I'm sure that it was better than eating something else?

Deffo going to get some tesco ones tomorrow xx
My brother (after much nagging last night!) is taking me to Tesco, woohoo. It's quite a drive away but I want some bars!
I'm gonna stock up on them coz I dont get to go tesco very often. I bet the cashier will wonder why I'm buying so many boxes lol

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