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testing times!

Your are doing fine and will do fine - don't worry hun! When I did a VLCD last summer for 12 weeks I began baking, which I'd never really done before, I was like a woman posessed and my friends (plus hubby, family, workmates etc etc) thought I was trying to fatten them up while I lost weight - he he! I somehow found the willpower to bake tons and not eat or even taste a single bit....omg looking back how did I do that!

You've come this far, I'm sure you will have the willpower to resist, resist, resist - just chew a plum and think of all those lbs dropping off! x
Oh Lexi I'm right there with you! The guys I share an office with have hot buttered toast every morning and it's torture.....the smell is soooooo good, but I will resist!
Lol thanks alison i survived, in the end i was too busy dancing with the kids to do any eating! I made choc krispie cakes last night and as soon as id made them the bowl was in the sink before i licked the spoon lol
Oh yes, licking the spoon - it's one of those habit things, you do it before you realise you've done it! During LL I out of habit licked jam of my hand whilst spreading toast for my wee one and stood there with my tounge sticking out not knowing what to do (sooo paraniod about coming out of ketosis!), so I grab a tissue and wiped my tounge - how very sad of me!
lol alison iv done that too, the sweets been on its way to my mouth and ive went oooops!
i know even aby food smells yum lol


Eloquent hooligan
i know even aby food smells yum lol
I bought a pack of Rusks once as I loved em as a kid... they didn't taste nearly as nice as I remember them... :(
their disgusting but mine all loved them, still do and my oldest is three!

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