Testosterone and gastric bypass


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Hi everyone, i have been on testosterone for 5years and due to hypogonadism, have recently come back onit after a 6 month break as I was becoming aggressive onit, was due to have gastric bypass in Nov started the liver reducing diet and then had op cancelled, had lost 6pounds prior to this.
Was resheduled for 24th of Jan and now been put till 30th Jan
I went back for weigh in and bloods and had put 2 pounds on was horrified, nurse gave me a threat that op would be cancelled if i had gained again, i briefely went back on the testosterone as i thought i would need it for surgery recovery.
I am now on a very very very strict diet and desparate to lose these 2 pounds.
Love looking at the messages on here its inspirational
Andy xx
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Good luck Andy!


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Hi Andy, good luck to you mate.


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Hi andy well done on your weight loss, as Irene said have you looked in the surgical section you'll find lots of support on there if you have any questions there are a wide range of people who should be able answer, if not they will more than likely be able to tell you where you can get the info.