Ex lipotrim and Cambridge dieter saying hello and seeing if anyone remembers mummydebbie


Hello everyone I was a Cambridge dieter also a avid Lipotrimmer
around 10-12 years ago now wondering if anyone remembers me at all as I made some lovely friends on here and on a old lipotrim site that sadly closed down
when I was on them my statying weight was 18 stone lost 8 stone put it back on then did Cambridge lost 8.7 stone same happened put weight all back on plus more my body so messed up weight went up to 26.7 stone omg crazy eh my life was a mess so dr offered my a gastric band but went on a nhs weight management course and ended up having a gastric bypass 6 years ago now and I lost
16 stone and here I am 6 years after still down at 9.stone 7lb maintained for 5 years now best choice I ever made I must admit although it’s not been easy its quite hard harder than people think but it’s one I’ll never regret for sure it’s changed mylife only one regret I didn’t get it done sooner anyway sorry for my long post just wondering if anyone remembers me one lady was Called Russian doll best wishes debbie
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