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Text Support Buddy


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yes i am as my laptop is going for repair tommorow so i wont be on site for a good 2weeks...


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Fantastic!! I havent worked out yet how to send PMs. Once I do I shall send my number! I dont actually live in the town itself, more a little village on the worcester side. I have lots of greeney around, dont think I'd want to live in the town itself!
still not too far......have added you as a friend hun, but not sure if we can send PMs yet being new, there are some restrictions until you send more posts but not sure exactly what they are xx


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You can't send PMs until you have 50 posts as far as I know! ;)

Good luck!


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Oh crickey, I best get posting then :p

It would be good to meet some locals on the CD. Might even be the potential to meet and discuss things or even just for support. I imagine everybody needs that at some stage! :)

Where are you guys from then?


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Ooooo i loves going down the monmouth road - with the big tunnels. I have a confession, I am a big car enthusiast and my car *can* make a little bit of noise sometimes. I love it through the tunnels - no noise like it! Dont get me wrong Im not a ridiculous or careless driver, I just enjoy a good car :D
hahaha!!! cant say the tunnels do much for me :D

i know what you mean about cars though, i like speed under my foot too :)


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I have a rare japanese sports car called an Integra. It is made by Honda and uses a Vtec system. It goes! :)

Im glad I have her, when Ive had a bad day I'll get in her and drive. Always relieves the stress and strains. I can see when I'll be feeling like eating on CD I will be jumping in her!


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I live not too far away from you, we should organise a small local meet!!


Slimming down the aisle
The first few days will be hard, but you'll get through them and it'll get easier! Just keep coming on here and talking to us :D We'll support you through!


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Yep, my plans to start first thing tomorrow morning. I have two water bottles, both 1.5l in capacity. So if i fill those and drink them within a day I know I am over my minimum water limit for the day. Through the summer last year I would consume on average 4 litres per day. I guess I just need to get back into the habbit and I will be fine.

I have just been walking around the supermarket. Picking up things that took my fancy and thought do I realy need that... Um, no and put it back down again.

A book came through the post this morning with cheap clothing in, fashionable but cheap. With 25% off the first order. I am going to order some inspirational clothes to add to my wardrobe, in size 8 (goal size). I am not buying any more in size 12 as I am not going to be here for too much longer - i hope! :D

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