Tgi Fridays


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Sorry hun - had a look at their menu's and its not the best

you've 2 options - go for flexi syns (ie enjoy knowing your prob not going to get a weight loss this week)
Get a surf & turf (steak & prawns) and give the chips away then you've only to syn some oil.


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I went twice last week and still lost 3.5 pounds in that week.
I had steak , with veg and salad and no dessert and lots of diet coke L:)


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Good for you ReachableDream - excellent achievement considering their menu is so full of naughty (but nice) things........!

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apparently they have some sort of squid salad/ seafood noodles... I don't know.

Somone asked me to go the other night and then 'listed' the healthy stuff but I ignored ;P
Hi guys! I hve a double date there tomorrow with my boyfriend, best friend and her fiancé.
Iv looked at the menu and am going the 2 courses for £9.99.
Iv settled on the wedge salad (need to sun the bleu cheese dressing and crumbles) and the crispy noodle salad. I have been debating the steak ( and giving my boy the chips). Just want anything that has the lowest syns!
Any help? Pleaseeeeee
Many thanks x