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Hey so I'm meant to be going to tgi's tomorrow for dinner with some of my friends and I was just wondering if someone could help me out!!... My friend has the eat out guide and said that it says...
Jack daniel's sesame chicken strips or wings for one is 14 points,... Please tell me that means for 1 serving not just for 1 piece of chicken!???

Also does anyone know a chicken dish or steak that's kind of low in propoints.... Well I know it won't be low.... But low for tgi's??

Help!!! :(
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How about one of the salads, i think they do a salmon one and a chicken one and i'm sure they do low fat dressings? Either that or chicken or steak with veg and a jacket potato or something?
Oki grand me and my friend were worried case always get sesame Jack chicken!!.... Hmm will have to look at everything else in the guide later.... Just saw that and began worrying! Haha should be able to find something not too high point!! Would love a burger but I'm pretty sure there would be over a days worth of points in it!!!.... Thanks a million x
TGI's has some really high point stuff, think some of the pastas are relatively low though. Burgers were terrible, i had one without thinking and it worked out to be 73 points or something stupid! Had to write off that day completely! The guide has quite a few of the dishes in though so im sure you'll find something you can have enjoy :D
It's absolutely mad!!! Looking at the points in the guide!!! I could have 3 desserts from there from the points in that burger!!! I'm seriously shocked!!! I don't know how a burger can possibly be that many points!!! I've been avoiding mc Donaldson cause i thought their points were ridiculous!!! Before ww I would always get burgers and stuff from tgi's and think I was being healthy!!! Xx
I know what you mean i cant work it out either. Particularly when a big mac is actually much less in points its 9 (could be wrong there but i remember thinking it was a big difference) or something isnt it? How can the TGI one which doesnt seem much more than that be so many more points!!!
In the new book a big Mac is 13 pro points in the new eat out guide..... But still 13 is no where near 73!!! I could eat a entire take away pizza.... I'll definitely be rethinking eating there again in a long time!!! Unfortunately I'm not in charge of tomorrow!! Xx
ah 13 wasnt far off. Yeah i had to go for a meal there before christmas but i ended up having pasta as it was a reasonably cheap option in terms of points. Hope you find something nice to eat :D
erm it's going to be majorly hard for you to NOT use all your weeklies + more at TGI's i'm afraid! it really is stupidly high! i always have a day off WW when i know im going there as it's just silly lol
Ah I know my weigh ins tomorrow so I'm going after so I'm just not counting it!... I'll just be good and try to save during the week by not using most of my weekly's!!... I'm just in pure shock at how high the food is!... I just don't understand what is in a burger to make it 72 points!... All I know is I wont be eating that!! Haha xx
I went to TGIs for lunch last week, and had one of the burgers, it was absolutely delicious and it was 56 points. It was bloomin filling, couldn't eat another thing that day.
I enjoyed it. I didnt think at the time that it would have been that high, I was thinking "Burger? 30ish, max"...
I used my weeklies, counted it in, and still had a loss.

The salads are about 20 points each anyway... Personally, I wouldn't waste that many points on a salad when I wanted a burger..!

Anyways, main thing is to enjoy it, and be sensible for the rest of the day - Porridge or fruit salad for breakfast, stir fry for tea if you still feel hungry. It'll be fine :D


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