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Thank God for....



is going to loose!
sugar fee lollies ( low cal)
green tea
low cal hot choc (40 cal) we dont have skinny sow in Oz though....
sprite zero
88cal protein bars (slim secrets) Oz product too
Great thread.

Sugar free gum.
Toasted crumpet with 10g cheese melted on it.
Sugar free squash. Couldn't drink plain water.
Weight watchers ready meals for when I am too lazy to make from scratch.
Big bags of pre-prepared veg. Just open the bag and chuck it in the pan.
Chopped up fruit to pick on in the evening.
Walkers light crisps. Nicer than the full fat version but feel very naughty
Ooh, good thread, and good to get ideas from

Wafer thin roast chicken
Sugar free jelly
Pre-prepared salad, good for when in a rush
Snack a jacks - great for a nibble
Cream crackers or tea biscuits
French fries/quavers/golden lights
Water water water!
weight watchers caramel wafer bars (78cals)
coco pops bars (84 cals) yum yum!
curly wurly (115 cals) yum yum!
I'm guessing you've all figured i'm a chocoholic by now!
Tea - love my cuppa's
fruit - all kinds mostly
rice cakes (I actually like them now)
some great ideas!

Diet Pepsi
Alpen bars (choc) 124 cals
Twister's Ice lollies
Chewing gum
Snack a jack pop corn 48 cals per bag
chuppa chops sugar free lollies
Love ryvita’s since i have given up bread/pasta and potatoes except (new ) it’s a life saver, 31cals and only 6.9g carbs !
Love coke zero when i need something sweet, of a coffee with 1 sweetner !
Sugar free gum, chilled water, and my naughty treat mini twisters ! 45 cals yummy !


just started with DC its a bit expensive so i will be counting calories
as well.. any one tried weetabix oaty bars..yummy
Diet coke
Carrots and celery
Low fat hummous
tomato puree for my special rataouille
Risotto rice - goes so far!
Fresh soup
low cal and fat sausages feels naughty!
Water, water and more water!
the treadmill (I call him tim - my OH does worry!)

Cider at weekend!
The occasional crispy shredded beef and singapore noodles from the chinese! Yumma!
Proper thai green curry with prawn from scratch
Oooh cool thread..!

Diet Coke/Diet Pepsi/Pepsi Max/Sprite Zero
Sugarfree squash
Wafer thin ham
Quavers/French Fries
Options Belgian Choc hot chocolate
Tesco Light Choices soups
Tesco Light Choices lasagne (love Tesco!)

There are probably more but these are the top ones :)
May I recommend WW soups - The chicken noodle one is boomin gorgeous, only 50 calories I think, and the creamy chicken one is 96 I think off the top of my head.... PERFECT!!!


Looking for Slimville!
Awesome thread! I'm thanking god for...

- Chicken or Chicken & mushroom Slim-A-Soup (often with mini pitta bread!)
- Organic tofu (so easy to prepare!)
- Honeydew melon...I am addicted to this, I think it's the natural sugars!
- Strawberries - same as above and only around 27 calores per 100g!
- Low fat frozen yogurt - for any ice cream cravings i may have!
Sugar free jelly
grapes, i love these with jelly
cereal bars including coco pops, rice crispies, alpen light bars (67 cals!!)
Tesco salt and vinegar rice cakes 28cals each
I always have to have some form of chocolate each day so i have a brew each night with 1 choc digestive or a time out finger.

Coke Zero or Pepsi Max
What is WW flavouring?


Looking for Slimville!
I think it must be some sort of Weight Watchers water flavouring?
I had something similar when I done Cambridge Diet it was a powder you mixed in to your water to flavour it - I had the berries one, it was yummy!

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