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I would like to say a very big thank you to everyone who pm'd me with messages of support and understanding and similar stories of their own cdc's. (you all know who you are)
I would just like to say that it meant loads to me and has allowed me to make decisions i might not have made otherwise.
I know things sometimes come across wrong when read or written so.........anyway life goes on!
I would also like to add that it was my old cdc who gave me the belief that i could be a good cdc myself and this i did. I went for training and have left my job to do this full time and hopefully inspire other peeps to lose weight, i now have a fabulous 40+ clientelle with many coming recommended form previous users with me. I hopefully am doing something right then i think!!! (all this since November) so overall i have to say i am happy with cd and my own success. My own experience making me be everything i didnt get but wanted.
I just wanted to clarify matters and say a huge THANK YOU to you all once again.
Sorry for any confusions

Lynjo:eek: :) :)
well done on building up such a good clientele!

i wonder if u r referng to the other CDC thread with regards to misunderstandings etc? i read it and i dont think u came off looking nowt other than honest in ur own opinion. good for you! we've all got them and its never a case of one beng wrong and another being right. we r all here for the same thing, afterall. anyways, im not going to drag all that up as this is a diff thread lol.

i wasnt one of the people who pmed you but thought i'd stick my nose in anyways and say u must obviously be a great CDC. I would quite like to become one once i am finished my journey but we'll see! good luck for the coming months!

I just want to say i thought that you came across very well on the other post and really didn't need to explain yourself again. It was a very good and well mannered debate!!!

Well done on your CDC success great to see you have such a good client base!!!


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I don't think anything came across one was offended or upset. I am greatly confused why you seem to think it did?

Congrats on the clients.....nice to see that although your CDC was larger than you, she could instill confidence in you to go for being a CDC as well. Proves that you are both very good CDC's.
Hi Lynjo,

Congratulations on your success as a CDC. You have done really well and are inspiring others to do the same.

I haven't checked, have you added yourself to the find a counsellor thread on the CD forum?

Hope you have a good time at your meet up this weekend.