Thanks for everything you lot!!


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Having made a decision not to post for a while yesterday and informing the fab Pierce that I wasn't coming back........I back!!!


did I want to go....because I felt I couldn't really offer any good advice to anyone while I was feeling so down in myself. As you all know I haven't had the best year and this week it has really got to me. I felt that continually posting negatives rather than positives was a bad thing for everyone....hope that makes sense! I also was getting very down about my lack of losses over the last few months since my operations...mainly due to not being able to do CD and feeling down has led me to eat! Luckily I have still lost some weight but no where as much as I could on CD.


am I back......I'm in a very dark and deep place at the moment and you all know it from your emails & posts.....I know that you all want me back to the old Kamiknix and so do I and after getting so many emails form people on here both that I have met in the flesh & those who I know from here, MSN & the chatroom (use it its fun)! All of which were so lovely they reduced me to tears. To be thought of so highly is such a lovely feeling. I have also just reccommended my bestest mate in the whole world to this site 'Debba' and how could I let her come here without being here myself! I also as clearing up last night was putting away my sons birthday cards and found amongst them one for Ann (Westhills, mother of Wemitts)! Wishing me well and that reminded me of how much I think of you all.

Anyway, thats cleared the my head anyway. So onwards and downwards!

Love to you all especailly my Wemitt buddies!

Kamilla xxxx
Hi Kam,

So lovely to see you post again. Remember this forum is not only here for you to give support and help to others its for us to help and support you.

i am glad your staying, cos you need this place now more thanever, just cos you cant be really positive just now doesnt mean you arent a valuable member, it just means its your time for support, and when your through it you can give support then,
Hi Kam
I'm SO glad you made the decision to stay! This forum is more than just 'a support group', it's now evolved into a safe haven where people who have become friends can simply 'hang out'.

What I love about Minimins is that you can come here and offer advice, ask for advice, say something profound or say nothing at all (I do a lot of that! :D )

I know things have been difficult for you lately Kam (understatement!) but it's pecisely when you're at a low ebb that you should just allow yourself the little luxury of resting a while in the company of people who care about you - and it's because we care about you that we DON'T MIND how many 'negative' posts there are. Thinking about it though, I don't think there are NEARLY as many negative posts from you as there could be, given the circumstances. Your Auntie Debbie here thinks you do a lot of holding out on us you bad girl!! ;)

This forum has grown at such a rate that I know I don't manage to get into every single post and offer support but the network is so substantial now that no-one goes without the help and encouragement they need: between us all we have it covered. So please don't feel you 'ought' to be a rock right now ... you're taking a well deserved time-out from that role and until things turn the corner you should just 'be' (that's enough for us - honest!!)

Sending you huge hugs and heaving a sigh of relief that you're staying in 'the family' :D

Kam this lovely place would not be half as lovely without you! WE are all here for each other, good times and bad and surely that is what it is all about. So glad you are sticking around, it would not be that same without you, Love, hugs and more hugs,
Hey Kam, honey - I don't necessarily want the 'old' Kam back again - it's more like you're part of us however you're feeling. For better, for worse and all that!

I'm so glad you're not going anywhere!

I, too, retreat into my dark and lonely place sometimes - it's not nice in there but at least we have Minimins to comfort and soothe us when things get tough.

Lots of hugs, honey!
Hey Issie, I'm following you! How you doing today?
Me too, I have lost another 2lbs which takes me to 20 in 11 weeks, I am really chuffed, I have dropped into the 14's which means so much to me. I am going to do this aren't I?
It wouldn't be the Wemitts without you. You are a very valuable member and we all need each other to get through this. Everyone is negative at times and it's the other people who are ready to help that makes this site so important to me
Irene xx
Hey Kam

Don't go! We need you! You're great!

Love xxx

We're WeMITTs, we take the rough with the smooth cos we know tomorrow is always another day.

Who knows... it could be anyone of us tomorrow who needs a helping hand and knowing you that's exactly where you'll be - helping someone else before yourself!

You ain't getting rid of us so easily - we love you!!!

Me too, I have lost another 2lbs which takes me to 20 in 11 weeks, I am really chuffed, I have dropped into the 14's which means so much to me. I am going to do this aren't I?

Yes you are, Barb!
In the 14's! Oh, to be in the 14's. Well done on getting to this point. Positive Mental Attitude:)


You are very much loved and as everyone has already said we are here for the good and the bad and let us give back to you what you give to others.

Good friends are there through thick and thin.

Love and Hugs.

Love Mini xxx
right Kam bulling talk here we need that weekend away and soon .....where and when Im there. Hope to speak you again soon..... how can our youngest be 11 dont you feel so old!!!!!!
we met nearly 13 1/2 years ago and have been through more diets than I can mention you have done so well on CD and will do again. Keep the faith You are one of the most supportive people I know and the most gorgeous. leave the kids with him and come to the halloween party.... ther is always a bed for u here.
Wow thanks everyone! forget my youngest is 3!!

Not really up to posting this morning as tired after yesterdays wedding. Lovely service, meal night reception has upset me a hell of alot....ex-mates being very nasty. Hence why I'm feeling abit sorry for myself. I will be back after licking my wounds.

Kamilla xx