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Thanks for the luck - I got a part!


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I have a Big Audition tomorrow. The parts I am going for are proper lady parts (ooops, that sounds filthy - lol) :rolleyes: I mean - the parts I am going for are ladylike. I usually play scary shouty ratbag women...but since my last audition I'm 3 stone lighter and I'm up for ladies who do kissing! Almost romantic leads! I haven't had to kiss anyone on stage for 8 years! :flirt2:

One of the main reasons I came back to CWP was so that I could stop playing just monsters...obviously I can still play a good monster - I just like to have the option of playing other parts too!

So - wish me luck - hope to have some good news for you tomorrow evening. If not there are more auditions for something else fun in a couple of weeks, so I'll keep my chin up no matter the result!
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Ooooh - forgot the most important bit! I bought pretty clothes (it's v. important to look the part, so I picked a floor length shift dress (the part I want most is going to be costumed in a similar style) and a floaty blouse to go over it in girly pinky mauve colours rather than my usual black rehearsal clothes.

And they're all 16s and they all fit beautifully...and will cover me for dressing up nicely for summer evenings at least until I'm down below 11 stone.
Ooh goodluck I hope u get it :-D x
How exciting!!!! Best of luck x
PS - You do make me giggle!!
Lots of luck I'm sure u'll do great x


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Hello luvvies! I did get a part - a good part, alas not a romantic lead...no lady parts for me - I got a comedy role as usual - think I might need to knock a couple more stone off to start getting considered for that sort of stuff! I looked lovely though and everyone said I looked the part - but the director didn't even see me for that part :(
YAY!! Well done you! Very much deserved it is too!


Must do it this time
Well done.Whats the name of the play your doing?


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It's a Shakespeare play - I don't really want to say what at the moment as I don't want this to be google-able!