THANKS - Really great ideas & support


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Just wanted to say how nice it is & relaxed & to come here swap ideas etc etc.
I really don't know what I would do long-term if there was not this additional support!
Thanks you lot - you've been a godsend xxx
I'm not on LL but CD is pretty similar: plus I'm interested in how EVERYONE is doing (so I hope you don't mind me crashing your thread from time to time).

I'm so glad you're finding the support on the forum useful: like you, I find it invaluable and I know I couldn't have come this far without the help and encouragement I've received on minimins.

It's like a big friendly family and getting tips from those who are further down the line is a godsend. That's the beauty of this site ... we all 'pass it along'! :)
Without you......

I would not have felt so good when you posted your positive comments on my return to the programme..... Not to mention I would never have known about the 'porridge' - THANKS DEBBIE :) :) :) xxx
You're very, very welcome!! :D
This is a great place to be isn't it ? Spending time on here takes my mind off food and stops me wanting to nibble. Its great that there is such an exchange of ideas, support and encouragement.
Totally agree - I come on everyday and am disappointed if there aren't any new threads to read!! When I feel like I'm starting to weaken, it really helps to remember there are lots of people out there battling the same as you and keeping each other going! Thanks guys!:)