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"That Feeling"

Thought I would post on this board because I think people like us who have A LOT of weight to lose notice this more than people with only a few pound to lose - How fantastic is that feeling when you find you're able to fit into jeans again or when someone says "you look amazing". Like, that feeling alone is worth 4 chocolate bars!! I sometimes think of what thatl feel like when im dyin for a fry up or some chips. Just thought id share that with yas for a bit of pre-weekend motivation.

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addicted to minimins!!
that feeling is great!!..i hope to have that feeling all the time until goal now..im restarting tomorrow after a slip and i really mean it this time!!! :)
Good luck pudge! Lol, we're the same weight and height! Hope we have similar success!! Soon that feelin will b upon us!


addicted to minimins!!
oh yeah! i didnt see that... we should track how were doing here what do you think? support support and more support!
Im restarting lipotrim tomorrow as i slipped off the wagon earlier in the week...:(

We can do it!...where abouts in ireland are you? im in dublin! :)
Yeah sounds good!Ull be doin a lot better than me tho if ur on lipotrim! That produces amazin results. I just dont have the willpower for it unfort :(. We should definitely track progress tho. Cant have too much support!
Im living in galway at mo but will b shortly movin up to belfast with my sister. Lookin forward to it - new start etc. Aw i love dub. Havent been back in years tho. :( Was born there then moved to kildare for 10 year then derry for 3 then finally galway. Lol u cud say iv been arounfd the block.
Best of luck pudge xo
You will sparkles! Im sure itl feel equally as good this time around. xoxo


addicted to minimins!!
hey sparkles you will get there...:) we all will,,, how are you doing goindown?? im 8lbs down in my first week,,, was having a bit of a struggle but now i know i lost that much i feel like i can do it..
yeah its a tough diet but the only one i think can work fro me as im so impatient... the social life is kind of on halt though!!! how are you getting on today?? xx
Aw 8lbs is unreal pudge!! Well done. Wouldnt worry about the lack of social life at the min...ul have a much better one at the end of it all wen ur more happy/confident. I lost 4lbs this week so pretty chuffed!



addicted to minimins!!
great job goin down! 4lbs is great for having three meals a day,, i wouldnt be able to control myself with food around..i suppose thats y im on the diet,, to try and relearn how to deal with the food the right way!!

roll on next weeks weigh in :) xx
Well obv the vlcd workin well 4u so stick at it. I only wish i had ur willpower! To b honest, iv been cheatin my own 'three sensible meals' diet. Iv been havin small snacks durin the day at wrk then one biggish meal at night so its not really what i set out to do. Its just that works so busy at the mo i feel i shud take advantage of not havin time to eat. Like the other day i didnt eat all day til 8pm then went out n had a pizza. I mgt get weight loss from it but not the healthiest way.At least with ur way ur gettin all the vitamins/nutrients u need throughout the day.
Neway,hope rest of the wk goes well. Keep me updated as to how ur getn on!!x


addicted to minimins!!
hey!! how are you getting on?? i took some time off the diet for Christmas and put on 4 lbs overall.. had first weigh in now since im back on board and im down 6lbs so im happy enough! how was your christmas? xx
Well pudge! Lovely to hear from ya! Yeah i put on 7lb over christmas which is a bit mad but ah well. Starting afresh now. Congrats on ur post cmas weight loss. Thats fantastic!! xoxoxo

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