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that time of the month??


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Well, I feel a bit bloated and conscious about it when exercising. I just hope the scales won't go up at the totm or if they do, there'll be a massive drop the next week!
yeh take it easy


Carpe diem, baby!
Nope I carry on as usual, I use the mooncup and it suits me fine, no leaking, no troubles, if anything my periods are now really predictable and lighter now that my exercise levels are up there...thing is being in the gym five days a week regardless doesn't lessen the libido any...harumph! Yeah, nothing affects me greatly apart from sore shins (I love running but suffer from shin splints), now that just affects my treadmill or leg workouts (weights)
I carry on as normal too, Always have a little worry in the back of my mind but if I take time out because of my period then I would lose my motivation, I know me very well lol
The only thing I dont do is swimming....oh and I warn my PT bless him...young and gets totally embarassed by it all he he he :p
i find that iam less motivated to work out at this time and i usually stop until my cycle ends.i have promised myself this time around not to stop working when my period starts.
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I have had Implanon injected into my arm a year ago and since then my periods disappeared. Just explaining- this is the latest and the most effective form of contraception as for now. Once inserted, needs to be replaced in 3 years and of course if u don't feel well on it u can take it out any time. The main benefit of having contraceptive implant is that your periods, if severe, become milder, if mild - may vanish, it eases the abdominal pain and is free! It also has the lowest rate in difficulties getting pregnant and your physiology goes back to normal straight after you take it out. It also is least likely to cause weight gain. No side effects for me, no mood swings like on pills I was taking before. And the most important - I feel like I'm 14 again - no worries, tampons, leakage, avoiding swimming pool and the discomfort! The only thing that reminds me of being a woman is PMS lol But i think there's no medication for it:p

Ask your GP for more info, I recommended it to all of my friends and I didn't get any slaps back;)


Carpe diem, baby!
Well it's my totm and I am racing tomorrow (my period seems to have tapered almost to nothing this month again)...you just try and get on with it as normal unless you are one of those with serious pains (and there are so many painkillers out there to suit everyone) and very heavy bleeding...exercise is one of things that improves the pains and you know what else, it also improves the muscles down there...*grin*

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