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That warm fuzzy feeling.................

So I have been doing this for 11 days only so far. You get the hang of it quick which is so nice! No weighing food and controlling portion sizes! I know its not a great idea, but im weighing my self every day. Not obsessively, but i was keeping an eye on my weight change as this is interesting for me to see how we lose weight like we are.
I started 11 days ago at 16st6lb : (
Im happily to announce........im 15st13lb

WOW! Im so happy, as you always worry you will fail if your anything like me! I sucked at all diets. But im actually DOING this! Its nice to see the sparkle back in my partners eye as he sees that i changing already and going to achieve my dream of being the old me!

Any of you who loss 1lb or 200lb. Have you looked at even how much 1lb weighs! You will be so proud to see how much less you are carrying on you! Never give up. You need to do this, get it out the way. That mars bar you want, you can still eat it, but when you are at the end of your life changing journey! It wont go anywhere, and if any-thing you can enjoy it with out guilt next time. Just pleasure!!
Im going to my 1st holiday with my boyfriend of 8 years (sad i know : ) ) in 2 weeks time. All inclusive 5*. But you wont see me eat anything! I got my self in this horrible situation and this is the price I feel I should pay for what I have done to my body!!

Who's with me!!!!

Sabrina xx
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Hi Sabrina,

Welcome aboard. 11 days is a great start, im on it about the same amount of time, altho am restarting. U have a great positive attitude which will really help u. U can do it.

Im not sure id enjoy a holiday where I couldnt eat or drink, so well done for sticking to it 100%.

Best of luck for ur week 2 weigh in.

Im so glad! Yes it is tough at the beggining. But it is just food. What do you have to show for food when you have eaten? Nothing! The 1st week did drag, but im feeling good today.
Just imgen the end result! I cant imagen what I will look like 6 stone lighter its been that long! But what I am thinking is what I will want to look like in clothes I wouldnt dare wearing! To fit inot clothes again!

How much are you planning to loose?

Good luck, just take one day at a time
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I know, the holiday doesnt sound as great as it could. But i tell you what keeps me going. I would be the person who will be sitting there watching all my friends eat what they want etc, and i will feel i have to stick to all good things! Well, I wont have to worry about what will happen as Food isnt my option right now! Easy pesy!

I will hate it, I might just have a nice drink now and then as a treat but no problems will be concerning food this time for me as I wont have it as my option.

We will see, I may eat my words haha

Hi Sabrina,

Hope day 12 going well doll. Im finding it tough would love a fry. Eeek.

I plan on losing another 2 stone, bringing me to 10 10lbs, id like to lose more after that tho...

Im refeeding for Christmas and party season on the 10th of Dec, might do a few 100% days in between parties but will go back on it properly on Jan 2nd.

Be careful if ur going to break your diet for a few drinks.....i fell off the wagon, ate food and was violently ill. Your body is in ketosis and doesnt know how to break down the food or alcohol properly.

How are u today?

I'm fine thanks Ana, how are you!?

I don't drink alcohol, so I'm not worried there. Just would like to enjoy a diet coke if I can. Sitting by the pool with water! Mmmmm ha ha

I WILL stay 100%. I'm use to not eating now. And I'm actually doing something right for once do I don't want to stop. I think because all my friends I'm going with on holiday are behind me 100%, I feel confident I won't slip. I'm going to try.

How are you doing? Xxxx

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