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Thats it!!

S: 17st10lb C: 13st6lb G: 13st3lb Loss: 4st4lb(24.19%)
Hey guys.

I've been doing Slimming World since April 5th this year after previously losing 5st on Weight Watchers before having my son & putting 2 back on.

Decided to try slimming world & at first got on really well with the plan, but have been maintaining for 6 weeks now and am stuck at a weight on the scales I am SICK of seeing the same numbers when I've been so 'good' I feel its the amount rather than content I've been eating! :confused:

My stepmum (an ex-slimming world-ee) has just come over to Weight Watchers after re-gaining all her SW weight and I've been having a look at her books & forgot just how much more freedom ww gives you.

I felt like my portion sizes were just getting ridiculous on sw & that I wasn't eating correct amounts - I'm naturally greedy & found that 'free' food, I was eating even when not hungry, is that just me? :confused:

Anyway, would love to make some buddies on here to have a natter with and nudge me along :eek:

Got my last SW meeting Tuesday (monthly pass) and wednesday I am joining WW. Yup!!!

Has anyone else switched & how have you found it?

Lots of losses. xx
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S: 15st5lb C: 14st5lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 1st0lb(6.51%)
Its my first WW day today after moving over from SW and I completely agree about eating free food just for the sake of eating it. That surely shouldnt be the way. I would have a banana because I was bored or sit and eat a whole punnet of cherries again just because I could

My first day is going well, chicken salad for lunch 2.5 points. it was gorgeous.
S: 17st10lb C: 13st6lb G: 13st3lb Loss: 4st4lb(24.19%)
Thanks Amie, glad you feel the same, mad isnt it?
I'm entitled to 21 points so as of tommorow I'm on the points system :) xxxx


I want to be fitter again
S: 11st8lb C: 11st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 29.1 Loss: 0st8lb(4.94%)
I too moved from SW having maintained give or take a pound for 3 months. For a few days put my food diary into a calorie counter and was shocked to see i was eating roughly 2000 calories a day without eating any junk food !!! My biggest problem was fruit, eggs and general portion sizes. My first week according to my home scales, i have lost 3 lbs. (not seen that for ages and ages )
I am struggling a bit with WW as I only have 16 points and i find it difficult not to be able to grab an apple when i am genuinely hungry for fear of not having enough points left for my evening meal. My plan is to get to target with WW and then use SW for maintaining. It may suit my body to switch between the two, so one month do SW and the next do WW.
We can do this together. Good luck and let me know how you get on. x


is gonna shine in 2009
S: 19st2lb C: 13st7lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 31.4 Loss: 5st9lb(29.48%)
i was exactly the same on sw.....it's a great plan but i'm greedy and would just eat cos i could.....where as ww points are like money....once it's gone it's gone lol.....so you get savvy about finding low point food lol

good luck with switching x
S: 17st0lb C: 14st7lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 36 Loss: 2st7lb(14.71%)
hi eddiesmum2002 ..

ive changed over from celebrity slim to ww 2 weeks ago... just couldn't handle the no carbs and was feeling quiet sick on it cos not a strong veg lover so found it quiet difficult... used to do ww and had a look over the old books.. and decided... here i go again...

first official week down and -5lbs.. loving the variety of all the foods.. and loving the bread... total loss so far 35lbs.. 30 on cs and 5 on ww..and plenty more to go...

best of luck with ww... heres to seeing 'less' of us if you know what i mean :D

best wishes..


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S: 12st7lb C: 10st8lb G: 9st11lb BMI: 27.1 Loss: 1st13lb(15.43%)
i have just joined too and finding it hard to eat all my points,,but i love it and love reading up on ww ,,we can do it ,we can do it!!!!
S: 17st10lb C: 13st6lb G: 13st3lb Loss: 4st4lb(24.19%)
Thanks girls, appreciate the feedback :) heres to seeing less of each other soon!!
Well done on all your losses!! xxxxx
First day on it tommorow :) xx


plodding away
S: 19st5lb C: 18st5lb G: 12st5lb BMI: 40.2 Loss: 1st0lb(5.17%)
Good luck with the switch to ww. I'm another who couldnt carry on losing with sw - too greedy and no idea of portion control. ww is suiting me much better for the time being. May change in the future but hopefully have now found a plan I can stick to for life.

Good luck


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G: 10st0lb
I have never done Slimming World, but have a vague idea how it works and think I'd be similar to you - one of my biggest problems before (and even now if I allowed it!) was portion control and WW helps me to stick to it. If I could eat "free" foods I'd just still eat too many of them, I know what I'm like!

I hope you are really successful on WW, wishing you all the best! :) xxx
S: 17st10lb C: 13st6lb G: 13st3lb Loss: 4st4lb(24.19%)
I am actually excited about pointing tommorow - to regain
some structure! SW is good I think but I just maintained constantly for 8 weeks! So proud I didnt just give in and eat rubbish :) heres to Wednesday when I rejoin!
Does anyone know if its still free to join at min???? Xxxxx


I want to be fitter again
S: 11st8lb C: 11st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 29.1 Loss: 0st8lb(4.94%)
yes i joined last week The coupon is on their web page xx
S: 17st10lb C: 13st6lb G: 13st3lb Loss: 4st4lb(24.19%)
Can't get the coupon to print off - maybe I'll go in tommorow none the less and speak to the leader see how I go. Thanks :) Day 2 and loving it. xx

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