The 34 Stone Teenager

Whoops. Missed that one. On again at 1:30am. Will catch it then. Thanks DQ
No problem - have been trying to find something that updates on her progress since the programme, but no luck so far :(
I watched it and spent a lot of the time with a lump in my throat. Bless her heart: I hope it all works out for her.
I got home. Logged on here and saw this and was in time (just ) to watch it at 1.30am. I cried. She was so sad and desperate. I was shocked though that her family still sat her down with portions that were clearly too much for her to cope with.

I was also sorry that she did overeat still to the point of being sick so often.

I really really hope she got all the psychological support that she so desperately needed. Bless her. I wonder what ever became of her .... does anyone know?

I can't recall her full name or I would do a search on the net for her...

I have a 19yr old daughter and my heart broke to see this girl suffering so much and I was pretty angry at her family too. Sorry, but I was. You don't suddenly wake up and find that you weigh 34stone... why didn't someone do something far more responsible for her when she hit the 20+ stone mark!! I know she was too young under 18 but I disagree with that.. she NEEDED the help sooner than she got it.

We have a society packed with morbidly obese teenagers and younger children... we need to help these beautiful children before they are so damaged emotionally...

sorry... it just really upset me. Forgive me ranting please...
She seems to be doing ok. Alot happier in herself.

I just had reservations about her ma. Couldnt help it. She said she found wrappers etc that Bethany had taken sweet etc but alas with weight it is obvious to the eye...and at 34 stones just the path leading to that should have been obvious that it was more than a coupla bags of crisps and as she has no medical reason it must have been food (but the underlying reason to this wasnt really addressed).

I hope she does well and loses the weight she wants to.

God Speed.

She seems such a lovely girl.

I really hope this will be the answer for her.