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The agony of cooking the family tea...

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Anyone else feel this??

It's like all day I do well and feel positive, tentatively holding my new found will power together and THEN tea time arrives and I have to cook for my husband and three young sons...

It's not fair!! So far I've done it and have not given in to eating the glorius food but it's like I have to crank the willpower up another huge notch every single bladdy day... it's gonna be my failure in the future I'm sure... :(

Mares x x
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Yep, that is the single most toughest thing I have to face too, and it sucks :(
i know exactly how you feel, i have 5 children to cook for and my hubby. i am great during the day, but in the evenings my will power leaves me., i have had a couple of blips in the past 3 weeks which is when i started, all i can say is your not alone, and whatever you do dont taste what your cooking, because one mouthful leads to another.. goodluck
it's gonna be my failure in the future I'm sure... :(

Mares x x

:hug99: not if you don't let it be it won't.

How I cope with it is to do a weekly plan, I sit down and decide what I'm going to dish up each night and then write my shopping list accordingly...I only buy what is on the list, what we need and so, what I know will get used up. I also use the freezer a lot - I cook extra portions of things that only need to be defrosted and reheated so that I know that I don't always have to stand cooking.
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always my down fall too. thats why i do allaboutw8 regular plan (i think similar to cambridge 790 but not sure) you have four packs a day then if you want to you can have an evening 'meal' 3oz protein and veg (I usualy have a quorn stirfry mixed with a thai shaKe) mmmmmmmmm. Doesnt affect weight loss and makes u feel 'normal!!!'
I dont have kids but have an always hungry partner..so before cooking I had my CD meal and 2 litres of water and I cook something I dont like....:)))) and while my man has his food I have a lovely hot bath :) (sometimes I am suprised that I am still a woman and not a fish, as it is happening very often :)))

Mrs B

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I love cooking now! But usually put stuff in the slow cooker in the morning so it is done by teatime.

I'm in the fortunate position that all our kids have flown the nest and my husband is supportive in that he will cook for himself (well to be honest he did all the cooking anyway lol). However, day 1 yesterday as I'm getting off the train "could you just nip in the kebab shop darling and pick me up a donner"? he say, so I did, smelt bloody lovely but I did not cave in. Him in doors then proceeded to munch through 2 apple pies and custard and a whole heap of sweets whilst watching the footy last night - He has been suitably reprimanded and promises to try harder!!!!

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Cooking is a nightmare! I have honestly in the past caved in , amd put a big chunk of chicken curry in my mouth , then taken it out again , then rinsed my mouth just to be sure I didnt absorb any cals LOL ! How riddiculous! But keep strong and soon it wont be as much of a problem it did get easier as I got into the 3 rd month as you become so used to not eating that it seems alien to even want what they have. Freeezing extra portions is good , and cooking stuff you dont like, and coinciding meals with something good on the telly you can go and watch. I used to dish my husband and sons grub up just as corrie came on then flee to the lounge with a big glass of water.
Good Luck.

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