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The BEST Roasted Veg....


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A friend recommended this and it was yummy - toss your roasted veg with a sachet of Schwartz Mediterranean Roasted Veg mix. I tried it last night and it was just WOW! I had a friend over for dinner and he kept raving about how nice they tasted.

It's 4.5 syns per pouch but you could definitely just use half a pouch between two people - worth the syns in my opinion to make the veg a bit more interesting! Also would be nice tossed in pasta with the veg and maybe some chicken or fish.

I was on a red day and roasted some chopped red & yellow pepper, mushrooms, red onion, cherry tomatoes, baby courgettes and baby sweetcorn.:eat:
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yum, sounds delicious, will definitely try as love roast veg! thanks for sharing


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I honestly don't think I'll do roast veg any other way now!


rainbows holiday buddy :)
that sounds nice.

when i do a roast dinner i par boil new potatoes, take a veg stock cube and add about 2 tbsp hot water to make a runny paste then tip that into the baking tray and roll the potatoes around in it, spray with frylight and roast in the oven. they really lovely and my fella thinks i have some kind of secret recipe! lol


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I'm salivating!!!!
You are the recipe queen Stacey, you really are lol

I will be adding that seasoning to my shopping list for sure, getting a bit bored of going for the same old foods at the moment. xx


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Meant to say its not free on a RED day - dyslexic fingers today :p
Hi hun, baby sweetcorn is free on a red day; however, normal sweetcorn and corn on the cob is NOT free on red. Thanks for that though!
Thanks for that recipe, I'm back on SW after a while away and 2 syns to pep up the veg sounds great. Aubergine would be nice in it as well and my friends puts asparagus in her's when its in season and nice and cheap.
Yes, I thought asparagus and squash would be nice too. I didn't have enough room on my tray to fit it all on!!
Well - never knew that!! Will pick some up next time Im shopping

It's great if you want that 'sweetcorn' taste on a red day! And also good in stirfries!


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I haven't tried roasted veg - how long do you cook it for and what temperature roughly?


rainbows holiday buddy :)
cold roast veg (peppers, mushrooms, red onion) is nice cold and added to cous cous with some quorn chunks and a bit of fajita spice. stick it in the fridge and take to work for lunch :)
Dehli - I normally do mine at about 180 or 200 or 20-25 mins or until they look done.

karen- what a great idea! I'm definitely going to try that. Yum! Do you cook the quorn pieces first or can they be eaten raw?


rainbows holiday buddy :)
i just chuck them in the microwave for a few minutes until they're heated through, then add them to the couscous and leave to cool. not sure if you can eat them raw - it doesn't say you can on the box so i'd cook just to be sure.

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