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The blokey team :D


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Howdy y'all. I feel my gender is a bit...under-represented in group. Meaning there is me and about 55 other women lol! Thought it might be nice to speak to some other guys about their weight loss journey. Kinda like what they're up to, why they wanna lose weight etcetc. So any who want to join and maybe set up a bit of a competition to lose the lard, feel free to post.

So this is me, Dan, 27, starting weight 19st 4lbs and wanting to lose 8 stone total for the following reasons:

...I'm sick of not being able to find clothes that fit.
...I'm sick of sweating under the smallest exertion in the summer
...I'm sick of having to always wear cardigans and jumpers over shirts so that it hides my fat.
...I'm sick of pulling at my tshirts when I sit down to make sure they aren't too tight and highlighting fat anywhere.
...I'm sick of my jeans being really tight, and how fat my thighs look.
...I'm sick of being single lol!
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Hey you should enjoy being the only bloke amongst 55+ women lol we have a bloke at our group who stays every week and gets thoroughly Mollycoddled by the older ladies and shares lots of cheeky banter with the younger ones !!!!!

Good luck on yr weight loss journey and in ticking off yr list of reasons on yr way.

Lisa x


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Oh I don't mind it :) A lot of the women in my group have sons around my age, so lots of mothering lol! And occassionally they randomly buy me the slimming world bars ??? Lol and slip recipes into my satchel.
Hey there
I just joined yesterday at Slimming World.
19st 7
Want to try loose at least 5 stone to start with.

Motivation my wife is expecting with our first child, Due end of Nov, So want to be a dad who can chase after his daugher without been out of breath


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Excellent :) congrats on the imminent birth of your daughter :)

I think slimming world is great for men because portions can be huge for a lot of things. Who does most of the cooking in your house? If its your wife make sure she is clear on what you can have and what needs to be counted as syns :D

I started at 19st 4lbs and would like to be 11st 4lbs and after 5 weeks amd 13lbs down.

I'll start the list off from today if thats ok :)

aesir22 99lbs (0lbs lost - 99lbs to go)
enteralterego 70lbs (0lbs lost - 70lbs to go)
Cooking in the house is done by me, so at least I can control what I have, were have different food at the moment as she is a bit picky with her been pregnant.

I'm just trying to get to grips with the extra easy plan at the moment

Good luck with achieving your goal


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Extra easy is great. Just spend a couple of days reading what you can have loads of and eventually it will be second nature to you. Then all you'll have to check are the syns when required.

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