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the cheek of it!

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Hi guys, went to scotland this weekend wiv my friends to visit our friend who has just moved up there. any way, had a fabulous time but i was rather put out by a taxi driver. i was sat in the front chatting away to him as you do, then he turns to me and say's ' you're a bonny lassy for a big girl aren't you'. i didn't really know how to take it so i just said o thanks. then next minute he's saying ' you know what if you lost weight, you would look like a supermodel'. by this point i was getting quite aggitated so i just said alrite then. THEN, the final straw was when he said ' have you always been a big lass then?' i was so cross i turned round and said ' yes i have actually, have you always been an ugly b*****d??!' He didnt know what to say after that. harsh i know but i was so bloody cross.
What gives people the right to make comments like that. yeah fair enough think it, but what right has he got to ask me things like that. i felt like slapping the prat round the face.xxx
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Did you get his taxi number - I would have reported him... I'm surprised you stood for it so long - I would have given him what for at the very first comment..
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that was bang out of order! I think your comeback was perfect :) Go Barbie!
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no didnt get his taxi number, should have done really. what a prize turnip!!has anyopne else had any similar experiances?xxx


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haha perfect comeback - but you should have given him what for sooner! Cheeky Barsterd!!!!
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Well done girl for standing up for yourself but I would have reported him, he had no right to speak to ya like that but loved the comeback though!!
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haha i know, he didnt know wat to say.i just hate ppl who think they can be so rude. should have asked him if he'd always smelt of b.o as well. he hummed!!!


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Thats so ignorant and rude!!!
i dont know why people think its ok to be soo pig headed sometimes!!!!

you need to take it o the chine and use it to spur u on to loose weight, otherwise those d**k heds win!!! xx


I will be skinny again!!!
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Brilliant comeback chick!!

You defo should have mentioned the B.O issue!!

bugger him anyway!! atleast your doing somethign about it..
He cant change is face!!
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am sorry to hear someone speaking like that its bang out of order

should of given him a crack i would of
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Thats a great answer, well done you.
My nan being old says things and gets away with it. She told me that she was surprised, that all that running around after my twins, that I wasn't much thinner! She also asked one of my relatives if she had put on weight or was it her jumper that made her look fat!


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What an arrogant tosser! Well done you for answering back, i hope it gives him something to think about when he looks at his own life ( or the mirror lol)

Some people in this world need to wind their necks in and shut the f*ck up. :(
Just reminds me of a comment I got today in work from someone, (more complimentary though rather than nasty) bearing in mind I have only lost 1st 1lb and still around 3 stone to lose, I was told........"You dont need to lose any more weight, your face is already too thin".........I said, maybe my face is thin but I want my stomach, arse, midriff and arms to match. I know it was meant well, but it just made me sit back and think a few things. Do people only really look at your face? If your face is fat, are you regarded as fat, but regarded as thin if your face is thin?..........lol
Honestly! Some people are so rude! I had an old drunk woman come up to me at Christmas and ask If I'd always been fat and whether it was inherited? Seriously! I just looked at her and thought I may be fat but at least I'm not a drunken mess! Iwould never comment negatively on people's appearance... How rude!


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I went down to Cornwall to visit my family just after christmas. I was chatting with my uncle about the lack of Cornish pasties up here (in yorkshire) and he said 'don't think you need anymore pasties'. I was shocked this came from my own uncle! But in a way it just gave me more determination to prove to myself and others I will one be able to eat a pasty without anyone wondering whether i should! ;)
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it hurts though doesnt it guys, even though you pretend it doesnt, it does. i think the taxi driver was trying to be complimentary in a weird kinda way but it still hacked me off. i am quite good at comebacks even tho i do say so myself!!!this chav once said to me, ' god ur fat' so i said ' yeah, i am, its because i swell up when im next to ugly b*****ds like u!!hahaha. that sure put him in his place!!!
ive put some pics up btw xx


I will be skinny again!!!
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lucky you!!

Im **** at comeback and always think of something to say waaaay later... or after the arguement is over lol!!

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