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The cold is really getting me down!


Here we go again!
Well for the last 17 weeks I have been freezing! I know all the tricks like hot drinks, hot baths and lots of layers but it's MAY and I don't want to be like this for the next 2 months!

It's getting me down a bit now. I'm even wondering whether it would be best to refeed and get back to normal eating just to get a bit of warmth back into me. I don't want to give up, believe me, but how can I get through this coldness without it keep getting me down? I do realise this is a side effect of LT but jeez I don't like it.

Sorry it's a bit of downer thread but it really is getting to me now. :wave_cry:
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HI hun I remember this last time and I don't do well with cold either, however as much as I did not like and did not expect it to be so severe, I realised that it was just another part of the sacrifice to be healthy, and a friend who is always skinny and cold said get used to it because she always feels the cold before others due to her weight. Sorry to be so frank but if you really want it, you can bare it and it will lessen. Think of the bigger picture.


Here we go again!
Thanks for that. I know it's something I have to put up but it would be so nice to feel warm for a change!


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Bev heres a big hug :hug99: :hug99:

Hopefully that warmed you up!!

You have done 17 weeks so far, whats a few more to be at your target weight? You can push through it!

My feet are constantly cold but, i want to be slim so suffering with cold feet for a few more weeks is a small price to pay! :)



Here we go again!
I know you are right too Tanya and yes, being so cold is worth the end result.

Thank you for the hugs. They did the trick for now.

Just roll on 9 weeks and that Greek sunshine, hopefully I will be warm then!
Let the thought of goal warm you up,:)


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I am also sick of this cold weather minib you would think at least now its May we should be warmer. Our weather sucks lol.


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when I was thinner many moons ago I remember that I felt the cold much more. So it may be something we have to get used to. They turned the heating off at our place today because it was may, I sat there shivering, just had a hot bath and cuddling a hot water bottle. Just think it wont be long now and your holidays will be here.


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I know the feeling - there's not much we can do about really is there apart from the obvious.

I guess it's a matter of weighing up what's more important to us :)


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Ooooh think of the greek sun - that should warm you!
You poor thing it's no fun being cold. I'll tell you some things that are fun:

Being on a beach knowing your bum does not look big.

Buying lovely new clothes for your holiday.

Someone whose opinion you value saying 'you look amazing'.

Actually someone whose opinion you dont value or even a complete stranger saying 'you look amazing'

Getting to your goal and saying 'hey everyone I made it'!

Keep going you know you can and refeed because you feel its right not because you feel cold because you know what'll happen - we'll have a heatwave!!!


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