The cost of LL?


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Hi, LL costs £66 a week. It sounds expensive on first hearing the price, I know that I thought I'd never be able to do it, but when you factor in everything that you spend on food, and this includes bottles of wine, take aways, chocolate bars when shopping/buying petrol, breakfasts/lunches in work, nights out, and everything else that you'll be eating if you were as heavy as me and had five-ish stone to lose, then it really isn't expensive!


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hey - I think LL is approx £67 per week...

you could do CD (cambridge diet) for approx £36 per week or Lipotrim for approx £45 per week.....check out all vlcds to make sure you pick the one that is right for YOU :)

good luck !

Debz xx


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LL Foundation stages is £66 a week - which is for four packs a day plus the group session with the LighterLife Counseller.

If you still have weight to lose after foundation you can go onto Developers for £66 a week again and stay on the packs until you are ready to re-introduce food.

Then you will go on to the Route to Management section of the diet. this is;

First to second week is three packs plus one protein meal for £49.50, third to eighth week is two packs daily plus meal and snack for £33.00;
weeks nine to twelve is one pack daily and three meals for £16.50

And then voila! you're done and on your own!

Some people do not complete all three sections of the diet. Some people DON'T need to go on to Developers. And some people decide not to do the LL RTM.

I am personally going to complete all of the above through to Maintenance becasue from the research I have done, the people who do not complete this diet to its full put some/all/or more weight back on.

Thought I'd give you whole picture - as I didn't know about RTM when I decided to do this.


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thank you. I am on very small budget CD sound the cheapest. What is the difference between these diets?


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CD doesn't include the group counselling sessions. Personally, I needed this support... you have two hours each week with a group that you go through the programme with (small number of women) - it helps you identify why you eat etc etc, making it far more likely that you'll keep the weight off... I think the 'long term' success rates are better for LL for that reason... I read it somewhere... but only if you commit to the programme.

It's all about deciding how much you are worth...

Yes, CD is cheaper... but for changing your life forever (and it will, if you let it) £66 per week is a small price to pay - sell your DVD collection, your car, whatever!! There are people on here that left LL and went onto CD because of financial reasons, and ended up coming back to LL...

If I had to start again and had no money, I would move house in order to afford it - wouldn't do it any other way. But that is just me!! I am a HUGE fan of LL... it has changed my life!

Anna x


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I am on thight budget.[/quote]


LL is expensive but the difference is in the counselling/CBT/psychology aspect,
For me that iswhat has made it work.
If you can find the money it is so worth it.
Good luck whatever you choose.



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I would recommend you try to find your local CDC (Cambridge diet) and your local LighterLife Counseller on their websites. (Below)

Weight Loss Diets and Weight Loss Management Programme - LighterLife

Cambridge Diet home page

People on here will be slightly biased towards the diet that they chose or worked for them - and there is no problem with people recommending things (sorry, not having a moan at any of you).

But, really, the only way you would know which suits you, and whether the added group meetings are worth the extra money, or whether you feel you could succeed without it, is to go and see both and see how you feel.

Obviously, if you completely not afford the extra for LL - then yes, people are successful on that CD - you just need to have a look at their section of this forum to see!

But if you can move on the budget - just have a good look at both - ask people from each diet - and take time to find which one is RIGHT for YOU.


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I agree with Anna

Well said Anna.
I absolutely agree. It's a small price to pay to get your life back. I feel like mine has been on hold in many ways for almost 25 years and doing LL is what has
enabled me to get back in control health wise and for my mental well being and self esteem, not to mention clothes, appearance and so many other aspects like being able to run up the stairs, get in and out of the bath easily, meet like minded people, unlock my happiness again, make me a nicer person to my family,friends and colleagues ..........I could go on and on (usually do!).
Whatever the cost it has been worth it to me.


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thank you so much for all the advice. it is hard to choose. i am away for one week from the 17.01. should I start now or wait till I come back.all these decisions ?:confused:


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*puts on sensible hat* - Don't know where this is coming from.

Again - depends on you. Do you think where you are going you will be able to abstain 100% from food. Is it a holiday which you won't enjoy if you can't eat the food there?

If you feel you won't be able to hold it off. These kind of diets really are much more successful when you go into this 100%.

I am going on holiday while on the LL programme (the RTM stage). I have decided that I can still enjoy my time away without pigging out - and I can handle having 3 packs and one protein meal without spoiling my time away!

Also - I don't know how long you may have to wait to start CD. But if you decide on LL you would also need to see when you LLC could fit you in with a group (eg when she's got one starting!)


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You can often start CD straight away depending on whether you need a doctor to sign the form, my doctor signed the form one day and the next day I was on CD. Although there are no group counseling sessions no CD counselor will tell you they do not have time to speak to you about whatever it is you are going through. All CD counselors have been through the same journey we are going through so they can share their thoughts based on what they've been through and what they've learnt over the years being a CDC. When I started my CDC called me every day of my first week to find out how I was getting on. Plus some CDCs have multiple weigh ins on some days therefore you have the opportunity to meet and mingle with other dieters.

I believe it is all down on you, if you know you cannot do it on your own go the LL route and pay extra for the group sessions. If you know you can do it on your own and work through everything then you can try CD or Lipotrim.

All VLCDs work if you stick to them and they all have steps that reintroduce food. The choice is yours to make, the successful dieters are those who are determined to do it irrespective of the diet. All the best. :)
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