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The Depo Jab

S: 17st11lb C: 17st2lb Loss: 0st9lb(3.61%)
I have been on the Depo for nearly 6 years now and finally thinking of coming of it ( weight been one reason and I want to start trying for a baby next year and been told it could be a while for my periods to return).
Since starting it I have put so much weight on, in the region of 4-5 stone. I am not blaming that at all because I was putting some junk in my face.

But whenever the nurse talks about my weight the first thing she mentions is to come off it.

Just wondered if anyone had come off it and it did help with the weight loss or it didnt??
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I was on the depo for quite a few years, I came off it around 2 years ago. It took me about 1 year for my period to return, to this day though i still am not regular but I think
Also it's because im back on the pill since the last year. Can't really say that I gained or lost weight whilst being on it as I was going on various diets during those years. Since being off the injection, my weight had increased a little but that was because the relationship i was in at the time had broken down and I then ate for england. The past year I've been in the pill my weight is slowly going down due to dieting again.

I think everyone is different so just see how you go. Sw will help you with the weight loss, I don't think whilst coming off the injection ive gained weight, I gained because I over ate.

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I put on over 2 stone over 4 years on the depo.

I'm pretty sure coming off helped the weight loss. I have two friends on it both have also put on weight.


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I started on depo a few years ago and put on weight around the same time, but that was more due to being settled in a relationship and just comfortable and happy, and possibly giving up smoking around the same time made an impact - I really dont think I can attribute my weight gain to the depo.

I started slimming world in Feb last year and the weight came off fine. Came off depo in June and switched to the pill (wanted to put ourselves in a position to be able to conceive knowing that depo takes a while to wear off). Didnt notice any significant changes in my weight loss, seemed to be losing just fine. Came off the pill in November, and weight loss had got slower, but probably more to do with being near target. Got my first *week since coming off the pill last week, and this week (ie week after *week) lost 4.5lbs to get to target!

Not sure what that really concludes, but I think that in my case, the various contraceptive systems didnt really make any significant difference - but as others have said, everyone reacts differently.


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I haven't had the depo jab in a few years, but did have it for 3-4 years and gained a lot of weight, it took well over a year for my period to return and even now its not regular, sometimes heavy sometimes not although i am hoping once i have lost more weight they will become more regular! I regret having it done, never again!


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I think it depends on how sensitive to hormones you are. I was on depo for 8 years before coming off it in October 08. Mine was for fertility reasons as well, I went on to the implant and didn't get on with it so I'm now back on the pill.

I can't say I noticed weight gain with it or a big loss when I came off it either.
S: 17st11lb C: 17st2lb Loss: 0st9lb(3.61%)
Im real scared coming off it :(. Been on it nearly 6 years with no periods so i aint too sure what to expect.
Been told different things by different doctors and nurses..so its confusing.
And it kinda made me paranoid when they rushed me in for a bone scan because of it.
Really hope it wont take ages for my periods to return, hoping to try for a baby next year.
The weight loss...not too fussed because i know slimming world will help with that :)

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