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The Diary of a Compulsive Over-Eater : -)

Dear Cambridge Dieters
Just thought that as this site has already helped me vastly with my first week returning to cambridge, I would set up my own weight loss diary, to give myself some further determination: -)
My history
I've lost 2.5st on cambridge before, this was about 4 yrs ago. Having got down to 10 st 8lbs (my lowest) I was amazed! However, I did not think at all about maintenance. I went out, had fun, and of course all the weight began to pile on. Since that point my weight gradually built up until some point last year I was at one point 14st 5lbs. During this time I met my new and current c.diet councillor who has helped me reduce this to 13st. If I'm honest for the last yr I've been on and off continually. Good one week bad the next. And last week I decided to start the diet for the very last time. I've had enough of messing around and feeling like a failure. Sooooooo I hope I can lose enough to inspire people like all the other amazing members on this site.
Thanks, L
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I'm going seeing a cdc for the first time tonight I'm currently doing celebrity slim (week 2) but finding it hard to think of what food I can eat for my dinner think I'll be better with the SS option.

Good Luck I had 56lb to loose lost 6lb last week so hopefully we'll reach out goal by summer (wishful thinking maybe)

Twingirl x
Lizzy - so how much did u lose last time and was it the maintenance aspect that made it go back on?
Twin girl - I don't know celebrity slim So i cant comment, if u are finding it hard, cd is the best way to lose I think esp with councillor and all.
Good day today although no enough water so a fun night tonight!lol


Winning a losing battle!
The last time I did CD properly, I lost over 6 stone! I think the fact that I never actually got to goal didn't help but I guess I never learnt to say no!

I guess the positive thing is that I'm still a lower weight than when I've started CD before?!


Winning a losing battle!
At the moment it's to get to 11 and a half, don't remember ever being that. Hoping I will be around a size 12 then but may try and get to 11 so I've got a bit of a buffer.

To be honest, my first goal is to make it through a week!

How about you?
Haha yes I know what u mean. Although feeling very in zone at present, actually managed to sirvive not eating anything bad yesterday despite it being my dads.bday celebrations, even didn't go for the cake, not nothing :D I don't think I've ever refused cake in my life haha x


Winning a losing battle!
Wow, well done for resisting! It's the social side that I struggle with which is why I've decided it's now or never, nothing planned until march, have spent the past 4 valentines on CD so don't see why this one should be any different!!
Well today has been pretty easy - not really sure why. Although again the water is hard. Does anyone have any tips for how and when to drink the water? It is my biggest let down.
Light exercise tonight in the gym - if just to get my mind off things :)
Have been working out goals and time schedules etc - want to have something to work towards.
At the moment my main goal is to get to 9st 5lbs and I would really like to achieve that by April..
I have worked out that by Valentines - if I do well, I could (best goal) be 11st!! Eeeak! Now that really is exciting :)


Winning a losing battle!
Hope your review went ok, did you sort the food situation out?

I'm with my Director tomorrow and he wants to do lunch after the meeting we're attending, I'm planning on just drinking water and coffee, going to
use the January detox excuse I think!

So pleased the scales are down, I'm resisting getting on them!!
Hello all, so had review yesterday and it went really well :) but my stomach is rumbling this morning baaad. Still will drink lots of water and try put off having my first tetra till late morning. Brain is in the zone, stomach not. Will be an interesting day, usually very bad about getting back into it, but not today: -) x

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