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The downside to loosing weight

I was given a pair of size 14 trousers last year (with tags on) which when I got home didn't fit (if I had bent over then the backside would have ripped
). I thought I'd slim into them in time for the summer. I've tried tried them on and they're too big
The arse hangs down to my knees and even if I wore a belt with them they'd look bunched up KWIM

I'm wearing my size 16 jeans at the moment and I know I'm going to have to change before I go to Uni and I just about managed to keep them up when taking the kids to school (and I was in the car

I now only have 1 pair of jeans that fit me hald decent and these are in the dryer - which I'll have to iron before I go out at 11am.

Loosing weight does have it's disadvantages epsecially when you go out to buy new clothes and don't like to look of anything in the shops at the moment (I refuse to wear leggings and those tops that look like maternity smocks at my age)
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I think you start to worry that everyone must be talking as they think you wear the same clothes day in day out!!! Know what you mean about the smocks there bloody horrible and make everyone look like a house side!!!!!!!!!
I have put on about a 4 stone in the past two years. I recently moved house and was so depressed that I gave away all my smaller clothes because I just thought there was no hope for me ever getting back into them. I really wish I had kept them now because I know I am going to need them.....soon!

Going to take the advise of others on here and go into Primark when I get smaller for cheap clothes whilst I get even smaller.

Well done on your weight loss!
I think you start to worry that everyone must be talking as they think you wear the same clothes day in day out!!! Know what you mean about the smocks there bloody horrible and make everyone look like a house side!!!!!!!!!

That is it. I wore my skinny jeans and lovely warm blue jumper yesterday with my long boots over the top of the jeans. I feel great in them but didn;t want to wear them again today (even though they were clean yeasterday) as I don't want the other (much younger students) think I'm grotty wearing the same clothes two days in a row.

I also don;t think those smock tops flatter anyone - even hte skinny models look fat in them


Have a serene day!!
I am glad that someone else feels the same as me. This morning I threw my toys out the pram as I only have two pairs of trousers that fit me and in this weather I am not wearing a skirt. The trousers I have on are to big and the only thing holding them up is the friction between my knickers and the trouser fabric. When I walk I keep one hand in my pocket holding my waistband.

I daren't buy any more clothes coz I am not going to be in the them long enough to warrant the expense. It is really pissing me off. I have a wardrobe of clothes from years ago that are still to small.

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Girls .. I have some new with tags/not new clothes (mainly trousers) ranging from 18-14 which I'm willing to sell on (for a little more than postage) which would tide you over, if you want me to send piccies, PM me ..
I'm kicking myself for giving away a heap of old clothes that were too small. I have held onto them for a few years and at the end of last year I ditched them because they were taking up space and I never really expected to fit into them again!

I'm only in week two but if I continue to lose well then I'll need them!

See this is what happens when you get rid of things - I knew it was better to be a hoarder!! :p

Congrats getting into your smaller sizes!!


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We Need To Do A Minimins Clothes Exchange!!!!!!!!!!


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I know the feeling

Hi everyone

I feel exactly the same, im always moaning about it at the moment. I refuse to go anywhere unless i HAVE to now as i feel like a total tramp. I am only 25 and i feel like im dressing like im 45 sometimes:sigh: Plus the fact that i only have 2 pairs of jeans remaining in my wardrobe both are saggy, making my bottom look 10 times worse than it really is. lol.

I gave away all my smaller clothes to my sister who then gained weight and never actually wore any of them but doesnt know where she put them all:mad: .

What i decided to do was mainly buy cheap tracksuits because you can pull the string as you get slimmer. My brother makes them look real nice for me with his designs, i always have ppl staring at my £4 bottoms and £5 tops saying wow thats nice lol. I had one before that said FAT ***** on it lol. Well this year i plan on changing that to SKINNY:D :D
I know what you mean, I only bought myself some new trousers and a pair of Jeans about 6 weeks ago, now they are to big, the thighs look like joopers or those funny trousers tha the old airplane pilots used to wear (you know the ones I mean hehe) & the backs of the hem are dragging on the floor even in my 3inch heeled boots!!!:eek: got into work this morning and my leg bottoms were soaked and had a na:Dsty white stain up them from the salt on the paths (flipping cold here today)

Cant believe the difference with just a lose of 12lb!!!:eek:

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