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The Dreaded E......

Exercise.......think I'm going to have to start doing some! :character00116:

My weight losses seem to have slowed down a bit so that I'm averaging about 1lb a week, which is good but I want to give my weight loss a boost.

I'm nearly halfway through my journey and feel this is the right time to start doing some exercise and toning up. Can anyone recommend any good DVDs? Also, I'm going to try and start working up to jogging again. I used to do it and enjoyed it so think I'll try and slowly work up to it again.

Does anyone find that exercise speeds up their weight loss?
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I am exercising 6 days a week for 30 mins a night. I have done since I started SW and I have lost 12lbs in 4 weeks (although I am much heavier than you). I like walking tbh and I have a step machine at home which I use, but I also use Davina McCalls DVD and Billy Blanks DVD. Good Luck xx
I have been doing on average 2 45min gym sessions a week and for me it hasnt really done anything, in fact i sem to have PUT ON 3lbs over these past 2 weeks but will have to wait til i weigh in properly to find out. i do feel a lot better for it though, in 4 weeks i have gone from being able to run a mile in 12 mins to 9.16!! definite feel an improvement in my fitness levels and it gets me out the house
Any exercise thatt raises your heartbeat is good for you and means that you burn calories. Also when you fat turns to muscle muscle burns things off quicker so exercise is def the way forward. Its hard to get motivated though isn't it?


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One piece of advice I wil give you: Only start what you think you can keep up. Start small and build it up. After I started martial arts I put on half a stone on the first holiday I took as the lack of exercise slowed my motabolism right down. So if you start something, make sure you can continue or you will undo all your hard work. This used to be my excuse for NOT exercising but I feel so much better now, I am fitter, my skin glows and I get a buzz from the great workout
Thanks for all your advice ladies! I know I need to do it - it's just getting started and keeping at it! Now the weather's nice, I have no excuse as walking is free!
i actually never knew that about exercise taz, im trying to go to the gym 3 times a week but sometimes i can only get there once of twice, you dont think that will slow my metabolism down when im only going once do you?
:/ youve got me worried now lol. i honestly dont think any of my exercising has helped, esecially when last week i was 9.12 on the gym scales and last night i was 10.1!!!! :'(


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but muscle weighs more than fat doesnt it :confused: so maybe thats why!!
i have tried to start jogging and walking places instead of driving even tho im soooo unfit.... still havent lost any pounds tho think i must be doing everything wrong!!!!


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Yes muscle does weigh more than fat but then the muscle will increase your metabolism and help to burn off the fat. When you stop exercising the muscle will turn to fat and no longer be useful


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"At rest, the body burns approximately 110 aditional calories for each kilo of muscle gained." - Salter MiBody scales manual
". .Also when you fat turns to muscle muscle burns things off quicker so exercise is def the way forward. "

Just wanted to point out that fat can't turn to muscle...they are two different things. it's like saying water turns to chocolate! It's a misconception.
Indeed though muscle takes more calories to sustain than fat does, so everyone should be doing resistance work, building our lean muscle mass (women will not turn into arnie, we don't have the testosterone for that). We start to replace our fat with lean muscle thus our metabolism speeds up and we look trimmer and sculpted.
Cardio (aerobic work) can only do so much, it's great at burning calories and making our heart and lungs stronger, but the best thing you can do is grab some weights!

Keeping motivated is the HARDEST thing!

(Cert. Level 4 Fitness Consultant)


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". (women will not turn into arnie, we don't have the testosterone for that).
...think i'm the exception there! i've got legs like a rugby player!

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