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The Dresden Files

Ooohhh when are they showing it over here?? I'm nervously excited. Am also slightly apprehensive though... I know what you mean. I love reading The Dresden Files... Looking forward to the next book!! :D I love Harry!! lol


Queen of the Damned
Got the latest paperback coming with my next Amazon order. Due to start on 14th Feb - my reminder is set already! ;)


Queen of the Damned
Sky One, not sure time - will double check!!

Erm think the last one I read was Dead Beat, so the one after that! :p
I saw a clip of this yesterday!! It looks quite good actually. And a friend of mine has downloaded the first episode and says it's pretty good - and she loves the books. So I think we're going to be okay! :D


Queen of the Damned
Phew!! Thanks Sparkle - I was in two minds but will watch it now! :cool:


Queen of the Damned
What do you think??
Although they haven't actually focussed on any of the books yet, I am actually quite enjoying it.... and I'm getting a bit of a crush on Harry! :eek: lol

I found it a bit difficult to begin with, simply because when I read I picture it all in my head anyway, and it's completely different. The cop is a brunette instead of blonde, and has a kid... Oh, and they've had to change her name because apparently there actually is a cop with that name in Chicago! (Useless fact for you there ;) ).

Also, Bob took some getting used to. But I can understand them having to make these changes in order to put it on TV. Unfortunately reality/tv have their limits, our imagination doesn't! :)

What do you think?


Queen of the Damned
Agree with you. As long as I don't try to 'see' it the same way as the books, it's actually quite good :D

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