:-((( the dress fitting..........


hi all!! Well we are getting married in just over 2 months and the reality has set in that its actually happening!!!:eek:

I have no worries about being married, Vic and I have been together for 13yrs so its not going to change 'us' but just thinking about the day, and hoping it all goes to plan etc...I am also starting to panic about the money side of things!! We have bought rings/dress/suits/b.maids dresses/page boy outfits....invitations are going out tomorrow...mum is making the cake and doing the flowers etc...but suddenly thinking of all the other things we still have to pay for...its just a very scary prospect!!!!

To top all that I bought my dress at the end of sept after loosing 3 stone in april on CD, ok by end of sept I had gained a stone so was upto 12st but I am now panicking about getting into it again! I know I am able to loose this weight and I will be fine....but now time is against me its just a bit weird! I had a dream just before xmas that I got to the morning of the wedding and my dress didnt fit...so my sister went and bought me a bright red one to wear instead!!!LOL sounds funny now, but I woke with a start and for a split second thought it was real!!!pmsl!!:eek:

I started cd again 3/1/07 at 13.10 and lost 11lb last week, 2nd wi tomorrow so hoping for another couple of pound lost, I want to get to 11 1/2st and I know the dress will fit great, so I have been glugging loads and focusing on the dress!

Anyway...hope you are all doing well on your CD/LL (or anything else!!) pre wedding journeys!!

Hope to chat and get to know you soon XX

Lou X
awww ur bound to be nervous but i bet my hat that u will have lost more than that if u stick rigid to the diet.

the money will all end up paid and sorted and u will be a stunning bride :D best to get the nerves over with and then u will look forward to it more as the day approaches (i hope so anyways)

i didnt feel nervous until my actual wedding day. then i asked the driver to take me to the airport and nearly threw up in his car lol. sure u day will go better than that!

best of luck xxxxx
Hi Lou

You'll definitely fit the dress no worries there! I can imagine your situation with worrying about it all being just right. But it sounds like you have everything all organised and mum helping too. You can relax and concentrate on your diet for the time being me thinks.

Good luck with weigh in tomorrow.

Dizzy x

Thanx for that girls!

I guess its a bit like weight loss, if we think of all we have to loose in lump it seems overwhelming....but if we do it bit by bit then its so do-able!

I managed to lose nearly 3stone in 60days last time...and with less to lose this time I know I can get in my dress with room to spare! I have a sign on the inside of my food cupboard saying 'remember the dress' and every few days I change the number of days that are left till the wedding! It really has helped to keep me out of it!!

Hopefully I wont be asking to go to the airport instead of the ceremony!!!LOL

Thanks for your support, off to bed now!
hugs Lou X
Good luck for the weigh in today.

I'm sure you will manage to lose all the weight you want, your dress will fit and you will look beautiful.

you are so organised in your wedding plans, (I haven't really started) that you can relax a little and pay off all those bills one at a time:)

We all think that something will go wrong on the day...that is a completely natural reaction because we all want that special 'perfect' day. I know its hard but try not to think too much about the day until it gets here, then take one minute at a time and before you know it...the day will be over and you will be a married woman:D

My first wedding day flew by, and I couldn't remember talking to most people.(I'm teetotal so I wasn't drunk:p ) and now I'm taking the plunge again.

All the very best to you
feeling good!!

:) Here we are with 2months to go..........and I am really starting to look forward to our special day. We were deciding on music for the ceremony etc yesterday and it suddenly seemed very weird to think that before long we are going to be doing it for real!

I ordered some satin boots from a bridal shop on the weekend and they arrived today, they are really stunning and very much what I wanted.:) Really would love to have the dress here now to try it on with them....unfortunatly its at my mums........but give it a few weeks and I will be going down and trying it on again. Hopefully its will be a bit closer to fitting properly again by then!

we had a nice suprise the other day when we made our next/final appointment with registrar.......we had been quoted about £400, as she will be coming to us and its a saturday........but actually its £357........so that frees up another £50 nearly for other things......and every penny counts when it comes to paying for a wedding on a budget!!!

SIL has offered to do all the decorations, balloons etcetc as a wedding gift for us.........which is lovley and we know she will do a fab job and again is another things we dont have to find money for.

Mum called the other day to say she had just taken the cakes out of the oven(having 2xfruit and a choc on top) so thats another thing on its way to completion!!

CD is now going great again and I feel very confident of achieving my goals now....so I just need to bottle this feeling and use it when I am struggling with chatter box!

just had a chilli soup so feeling a bit warmer now!

off for water and coffe but will pop back on later.
Hope you are all having a good...if not blooming freezing day!!(and thats just the weather.never mind ketosis!!!lol)

Lou X
another weekend gone.............

so that takes us a week closer to the wedding!

Only another 7 weeks and 4days to go!!:p

went to the venue today to run through some more details with the organiser, got a few more things straight in our heads, and paid another £200 off our bill!
Was very odd(we are having a civil wedding) and we were talking about when we both arrive (seperatly) and where I will be and where vic will be and it just made me smile/laugh to think that in a very short amount of time we are going to be there in all our finerys and actually getting married!!!

I am so looking forward to the day and looking forward to finally being married and being able to call Vic my husband...rather than 'my other half'.

Going to my mums at the weekend and going to try on my dress for the first time in about 4months! I am about 9lb heavier than when I bought the dress, and it was a bit snug then...but I am thinking that because when i got the dress I had been CD ss-ing on and off for the previous 6 months(3 months ss-ing 100% and another faffing about!) so I am thinking I was deffo smaller then as I had been ss-ing, than i will be now at the same weight....if you get my drift!!

Anyway I still have enough time to make the dress fit even if it is a really bad fit cos of the weight gain!!

will let you know how it all goes after the weekend.

CD is going great just need to stay focused. But giving it 100% this week to make a good loss show on the scales on thursday.

off to get tea sorted for the boys now....have a good day all

Hugs Louise X
Hi Noo Noo

Really pleased both the wedding plans and CDing are going well.

Dizzy x
Hi Lou!!

How are you??
Havent been on for a while as I have been bad and have been feeling very very guilty!!!!
I feel so stressed out because I know I have to do this for the wedding which makes it 10 times harder!!!! Also last time I did it i had a full time job so it was dead easy for me to do....this time I havent got a job as I gave up work to look after my boyf's children....being at home is soooo horrible!!!
I feel so depressed about it all at the moment, I just cant see light at the end of the tunnel!! I really really want to do this diet for my wedding and be skinny.....I just wish I could find that will power I had the first time around:cry:

Anyway glad things are going fab with you, you must be so proud of yourself!!! I know what you mean about wedding costs!!!!!! Things mount up that you hadnt even thought about!!!

Keep in touch!

Hi Lou,

I know what it's like with the nightmares! I am getting married on Sept 15th and I keep having bad dreams, like I have been given the wrong dress, my hair, make up even the wrong groom! Good on you for starting CD again, I stated 15 days ago and feel fantastic! I am keeping all my fingers and toes crossed for you x
PixieHi Lou how is your dress fitting hun?

Hi Pixie!

i am going to my mums tomorrow and trying on the dress then! Its at mums house and left it there for safe keeping!

Will let you know how it goes after the weekend....thanks for asking honey.:)
Well 7 weeks tomorrow we will be getting married!!!!!!!!

getting so excited and so looking forward to the day! Everything seems to be coming together just fine! Its just such a lovely thought, after such a long time(13yrs!) and never having the money I am actually going to marry the man I adore and love to bits!

Not going to wish the time away as I want to loose more weight and I want to enjoy all the run up to the wedding.
There are about 15 of us going out to Frankie and Bennys on the 10th march......of course I am going to eat and have a couple of drinks that evening , but nothing over the top, and I will then still have another 2 weeks to loose any excess weight if I need to (dress wise)

Vic and his mates are going to the comedy store on the 17th March and then all crashing back here!!!:eek: :sigh: dont know if thats a good idea or not????

Anyway must go and get all my wedding bits together to take to mums this weekend, to show her all the things that I have got since she was last here!!

Will let you know sunday night how the dress trying on goes!!

hugs to all Lou X
Hanging my head in shame.............

well I bought my dress back in sept, when I had lost 3st 3lb, after ss-ing for 3 months, I then faffed around for the next 3 months, anyway when I bought my dress I was 12st.
Went to mums this weekend and tried on my dress for the first time in 4 months.......and we couldnt even do the bottom bit up!:cry:

Its a laced back and we coud do down my back but when we got to the bit by my bum and tummy area...it would even meet!! I was so embarassed, I went bright red and felt very ashamed of myself..having allowed myself to regain 2 stone(I have lost 17lb of that now) I was in my mums bedroom with my sis, mum and niece, so close family who dont judge or belittle me at all, but I was gutted with myself............:mad: :sigh: :mad:


it has now given me a new sense of determination! I have had 3 good days I have drunk loads of water, I am in Ketosis and I have already lost 3 lb since friday am!

I am now going to think of the way I felt when the dress didnt fit every time CB comes and shows her face!!!!


I only hope I have enough time left to make a big enough impact and loose enough weight in the next 6 weeks.

I am going to start doing tummy exercises daily.....

The funny thing is I am now only 7lb heavier than when i first got the dress, but I guess my weight is now distributed differently and my shape is different.

So the fitting was horrible but actually 'seeing' it not fitting has really kicked me up the arse!!!

I have another 10days till wi and I am going to get rid of a huge chunk of that weight by then!

Love to all..............a re-inspired Lou XX:)
Oh Lou!

Sorry to hear about that :(
7lb can make a huge difference you know?
You will lose it so quickly now and get into that dress!
Repeat after me :D