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The Dukan Christmas menu

i know that if you have a bamix you can whip up skimmed milk into a thick cream like substance and add sweetner (according to the shopping channels.) always made me want one but cannot justify spending £100 on a hand blender
mmmm think i will stick to falling off the wagon for the day !!!


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Hmm not very christmassy in the first place and secondly full of TYPOS and translation errors (Navels? Possibly navets = turnips).
Ok, I may be on Conso so I'm allowed by Gala meal but even for Cruise I could do better than that (give me a bit of time and I'll try!)
I think I would just have the turkey and veg instead, too. Perhaps with the baked butternut squash/red onion in balsalmic vinegar and sage part of the Autumn Chicken Bake recipe which Anja posted a while ago. And sprouts, of course! ;-)


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Ditto for me - going to have the turkey and vegetables, and skip the pudding. Might allow myself a pig in blanket as my treat for the day but that dukan menu looks horrendous!


Not very good at this!
I am growing them (as I keep on telling everyone) and I am jsut so proud of them!! I was going to go for pigs in blankets too, because when I had a weekend away I had quite a few hotel breakfast sausages without adverse affect. I think I will make my own though, with lean back bacon and good quality sausages.


Dukan Ancestor!!
So I never got back to this but yes I was going to say about the same:

All we need is a menu for CRUISE PV because let's face it, surely nobody in their right mind is going to be in Attack, or doing a PP.

Starter: 'Prawn cocktail' with a sauce of Fromage Frais with a ts of tomato puree. Or simply smoked salmon with dill-mustard sauce. A dukan-friendly version of 'devilled eggs', mini quiches. I think there are a lot of simple tasty options that can also be enjoyed by non-dieters, possibly by adding some bread / toast for them...

And then, what's wrong with a nice huge pile of roast turkey and yummy veg. You can even roast veg without adding fat. Ok, so the trimmings might have to be overlooked if you're trying to be strict, but you can even make a nice gravy using cornflour as a tolerated item.

Simple is best, as far as I'm concerned.

Dessert gets a bit trickier I'll admit - I have been making the occasional chocolate baked custard using yet more tolerated items: cocoa powder: 1ts mixed with some hot water and stirred into 200ml (=2 snall ramekins) of egg custard mixture before baking. Or how about cheesecake, vanilla cake....
You could probably make some sort of "cream" by adding agar agar and sweetener to milk.

I don't like christmas sweets, so I just need to resist alcohol and roast potatoes :D Salmon, prawns and crab with lettuce for starter, then lots of dry turkey(don't like gravy anyway) and green veg.

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