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The end is in sight...

Jo B

Full Member
Well, after I updated my stats after weigh in last night I realised I have now lost 80lbs with about another 20lbs to go. 80 sounds like such a massive number! It's strange though how the head really isn't in tune with what everyone else sees. I even had people saying to me last night in my group, "are you sure you've got another stone and a half to lose?" As I said to them, fully clothed it's not looking too bad but I sure do have an awful lot of belly left. People have started calling me skinny - which I know I am not and it's lovely hearing it but I just don't see it. It's a relative thing I know but how can I possibly be even close to goal and RTM when I go into Next today, try on a size 16 top and whilst I can get it on it is nowhere near fitting right?
It's odd and I know I am not saying anything different or experiencing anything different than pretty much everyone on here but I am confused! Will I ever feel slim? Will I ever be able to go on a shopping trip and not feel disappointment at the sizes at least once?
Don't get me wrong I am loving LL and the changes it has bought me and I know that abstinence is the easy part, when food comes back into my life properly then the hard work really begins but I just don't get it all most of time (does that make sense?)
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Hi Jo,

You are not alone and an 80lb loss to date is fantastic - a great achievement so well done to you :)

Unfortunately, it does take the mind a lot longer to catch up with where you are and your probably looking at a year or more before you get there.

While in abstinence and going through the sizes, I also used to be disappointed trying something on and realising it was still a bit too tight or not quite right, but 3/4 weeks later it was getting to be too big and I'd think how did that happen ... strange ;)

I'm into week 4 of RTM and a size 10/12 but somedays still feel fat and a size 20. I also feel like a fraud buying the smaller sizes - it's hard to explain without sounding like a l'm crazy :)

Point is - before you know it, you'll be into 12s and that size 16 top will be a distant memory (and too big).
Will I ever feel slim? Will I ever be able to go on a shopping trip and not feel disappointment at the sizes at least once?
Yes you will - and when you do - you are going to do this:

:bliss: :bliss: :bliss:

And you won't stop doing it!!

Hang in there - an awful lot can happen in 20 pounds - while it is not a lot left to lose - it is a lot on a body, and will make a huge difference for you!!!

Eventually our minds should catch up with out bodies - but even still, after 10 months maintenance - I STILL have days where I have to ask my husband "do I look fat" lol, and he always laughs.

It will come!!! You are nearly there!

how wonderufl is that!! Good on ya girl!!

hi there
i know exactly what you mean
i'm still not 'there' with it yet

i think that although i have been the same weight/size now for about 3 months it still doesn't feel its really me

if i woke up tomorrow size 16/18 again i wouldn't be surprised (pissed off yes, but not surprised!)

ive got rid of all my clothes bigger than a 10 so i 'know' that i am 'small' but i'm not convinced i really am...

hopefully with time we will get our heads round it!

daisy x


Playing the Angel

I can so relate to what you are saying. I also have about 17 odd lbs to go before I reach goal - well my re adjusted goal, as I am currently at my original planned goal weight. I just cannot imagine that the weight I have left to loose will make me "thin" as in my belly still feels so big, not sure if I should re adjust my goal again, but at the new planned goal my BMI will be 22 which is pretty ok. Anyway hun, onwards and forwards, hopefully a miracle happens and the belly dissapears!

Jo, I just don't get it all the time either!
I reached my goal last December and my head hasn't caught up yet. I don't know if it ever truly will.
I KNOW I'm slim no, but if I'm in a shop buying SMALL or Size 10 I would never be surprised if someone tapped mre on the shoulder and said "excuse me, you're looking in the wrong section - Evans is round the corner"!!
Maybe that's why I've switched my addiction from stuffing food and alcohol into my mouth to buying clothes.
Maybe it's to re-affirm that they really do fit. Last week I almost bought something I just didn't like.because it was small!!
If anyone gets their head round it completely - please let me know ??:sigh:
Its funny, this old head thing. When I had my little blip a few weeks ago, and felt my waistband on my jeans a wee bit snug - do you know, I actually was thinking "I better pull out my old black jeans" - They were a size 20!!!!!!!!!!! :rotflmao: Just for a pslit second, panic reverted me to that!!! I would be swimming in them now, but my head thought they were what I needed.

Very strange indeed.

Sod that. Now happily back in my 12s!! Phew!


Jo B

Full Member
I've had a bit of a break through this weekend. I've been to a christening and my OH was taking the photos for it. All last night in bed I kept looking at the photos on the camera as for the first time I actually saw that I looked quite slim! It's strange as for the first time I have had pictures taken which don't have a double chin and I was wearing some jeggings yesterday (an absolute god send for those of us with half decent legs and a stomach!) with long boots (normal ones, not wide calf boots!) and whilst I can see a bit of a stomach bulge - damn that photographer - I look quite slim.
I was speaking to mum this morning about it and was telling her that the person in those photos was the person I always expected to see looking back at me in photos, not the big fat heffer that used to, I always used to put it down bad photos, unflattering photos etc!
I am quite surprised really, I'll try and post some photos up later, oh, and in one photo I've even got collar bones!
Well done Jo

Fabulous. It's so true. The camera is unforgiving, so if you look slim - you are slim!
Fabulous Jo! Enjoy - but don't let it take away your focus to reach goal.

BTW - what are jeggings?

Jo B

Full Member
Ah! Jeggings are denim leggings - there's loads around at the moment but most are a horrendous fit (on me anyway). They go great with long boots and a looser fitting top. Like I said, I've got teeny scraggy legs but a substantial belly still so they fit on the legs and because they have an elasticated waist, they cover a multitude of sins! I got my favourite ones from TK Maxx
Thanks Jo! Not being a shopaholic I haven't noticed these before. And my legs are more the tree trunk variety, albeit a little more slender than a few months ago, so long boots have never been an option for me.

Something to bear in mind to try in the near future though. My belly is more pronounced now although most of it tucks into the trousers fine. Unfortunately I have a wobbly roll above the trouser waistline which is the issue :cry:. In the nicest possible way, the kids lift my top so they can knead their 'dough'!!

Jo B

Full Member
So I also have the "dough" belly thing! My problem is that I have got size 8-10 legs (seriously) and a 14-16 belly, so I just can't get trousers and especially jeans to fit. Since I can fit into normal shops now I have tried everywhere and because they are all low waisted it all just rolls over the top. Marks are OK but because of the size of my legs I could fit three other people in there with me!
Hiya Jo

Ive lost all my weight before and it was only on the final stone that I started noticing the fat come of my belly. Suppose its just the way some peoples bodies are.

You are so on the final hurdle, I promise you if you lose the weight the fat will even out, you will see the difference.

xxxx Kam

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