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The *Fabulously Fit* Friday Thread!!!


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Hi --

I was surprise that the daily thread wasn't started, but then I remembered that Katie (Determinator) worked last night -- so she is (hopefully) catching some ZZZZZZZs.

So, I went with the "Fabulously Fit" as I like aliteration and I just got back from "Fitness Pilates" -- OMG, I am surprised that I can lift my arms up high enough to reach the keyboard! What a challenge this class was for me. I have such poor upper body strength. I am thinking of going again next week, but we'll see how I feel tomorrow!

I am a bit bummed that Spring officially starts on Sunday and it so cold and gray here in Cambs, but what 'cha gonna do? Neither Shanny nor Lelly offered to cram me in their suitcases (plus, they'd be soooo over their weight limits if they did ;) ).

However, I should be in San Antonio in about 25 days!!! And the average temperature for April is about 27!
I can live with that! ;) I thought I'd be at goal, but no such luck. So, I'll just get as close as I can and try not to gain anything whilst I am Stateside. (It is silly to expect to lose: I will totally settle for a STS).

How's is everyone else? I hope you all have a good weekend.

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please try again
hey mel, the class sounds good

and im soooo jelous that your off to america, lol

im baking with madam today, got a recipie off an american site..... erm we now have 36 cup cakes, lol

2 litres of water dowm and 1 shake so far and my scales are showing a 5lb loss overnight, yes!


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@Claire --

What a fantastic loss! How motivational.

I envy you... you are so good at getting your water down. I have a Beck ARC that has my "rule" I must alternate coffee with water (or I'd never get any water in).

How did the frosting turn out? I (personally) do not like the frosting made with Crisco, but it is fluffy. I'll use butter and make buttercream. (I really do not like fondant icing.)

In addition to the cupcake cake mould, I bought one of those cupcake stands. I used it for DD's birthday... you have to be careful not to overfill the cupcake papers or they do not fit on the stand. (American cupcakes are too big for British stands! lol We seem to supersize all kinds of food.)

I am very excited about my trip. DD and I are going on our own. We'll be staying with my sister at a posh resort (my sister's treat), and seeing some of my American friends who have moved back to the States and are in San Antonio, now. And, two of DD's friends (sisters) who are there. Plus, there is a chance that my good friend who lives in San Diego (and is also friends with my sister) will come out and join us for a few days. Another friend, who is in St. Louis is going to try to come down for a couple of days, too -- and, of course, there'll be a lot sight seeing, Sea World, Six Flags, The Alamo, and shopping.

I can't wait, but then I can because I am still working on losing the regain. So, mixed feelings on this. *Sigh*

The cupcakes sound fab... what's the occasion? A Birthday?

@ mel would love a hol ,but going on a long weekend break with hubby when he returns home after 8 weeks away
@claire wow fab loss l had weigh in today and only 2 1/2 off so disheartened after a 100% week have a great day everyone


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New York in 105days!!!


Why Be Normal?
@Sasha -- 2.5 pounds off means that you burned over 8,700 calories more than you consumed! That is pretty impressive... and if it is not your first week -- than it more likely primarily fat and not water! This is a very good loss! Congrats!

helllloooo :D Oh Mm you do have a fantastic memory as to what everyone is up to , yep I worked last night and had a lovely morning in bed :) Now off 2 nights then back for 2 ....

there seems to be lots of baking going on today , I love baking with the kids and they enjoy that bit , but to be honest they are not really into cakes , and hubby isnt .. so they just end up going off after they spend 3 days shouting at me from the cake tin :(

Fabulous loss Clarie :D wish my scales were showing anything similar .. 100 % on 1000 plan since monday and ANOTHER 2lb gain showing on my scales .. i just dont get it :cry:

MinnieMel I am so very jealous of your holiday it sounnds amazing .. i am not a very well travelled person , apart from a french and german trip with school when I was 12 , and 2 drives to Germany ( via france , belgium ... ) when Hubby lived out there .... I have never been anywhere out of England .. never even been to Scotland !!!!
We are however going away 2 weeks on Monday to a big haven site in Filey , near Whitby :D I love whitby , rememeber going as a child so really looking forward to it , and the site has a big pool with slides and the works so cannot wait and the kids will love it !!! We are also taking my parents so we may even get a few evenings out ... i am sure I can work vodka into the 1000 plan ;)


Why Be Normal?
@Katie -- Vodka Tonic the drink choice of skinny models through out the world! Sounds like fun -- I wish my family were closer (and easier to deal with) so we could do family hols!



please try again
@mel the frosting i went with was a buttercream so i now have a fridge full of trex, will have to use it to bake cookies later

no the cupcakes wernt for a birthday, just wanted an activity to do with kaya, sent a tin off with my sister for her house, another tin for her in laws, a third tin im taking to a friend later and then the last much smaller tin is in the fridge for kaya

@ katie, well scales lie, lol. this morning there showing me 3lb up on yesterdays weight, no idea why maybe i linhaled icing sugar or buttercream while baking

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