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The far to go diary.

Hiya! First post here, I have a long road ahead of me. I am 40 very overweight and determined. 8 weeks in to my slimming world adventure and 1.5 stone sticker last night. :D

A food diary is my experiment, I get bored and I need to look back and remember the meals I had that worked and didnt make me want to cry a bit. So here goes. The dairy of someone who has VERY far to go.
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My WI is a Monday night so my new week starts here. Breakfast is usually a green banana and a muller but I cant face it today so just 3 mugs of tea. Lunch will be a bowl of home made lentil soup. My appetite never seems to kick in till about 5pm, evenings are my downfall!
Another day gone so here is today

Breakfast - Tea lots of tea

Lunch - bowl of lentil soup, muller light, banana.

Dinner - sw chips, 1/2 low fat smoked sausage, corn on the cob, salad.

Strawberries, tea, diet cola.

HE was a bag of ryvita vinegar things and 42g feta cheese eaten as a supper.

Syns were.. 3.5 for sausage
10 for chocolate
1 rich tea

Not a brilliant day but not terrible. I didnt like the ryviat things much and I could have had more superfree today for sure. Tomorrow we shall see!
No breakfast again just tea, then a really nice lunch of home made chicken and veg soup and a really big bowl of grapes, strawberries and blueberies.

Dinner is going to be something fishy! Not a bad day so far but I am really hungry now and could murder a couple of bags of crisps!
So yesterdays list goes as...

breakfast , just tea

lunch, bowl of chicken soup home made loads of veg, massive bowl of blueberries grapes and strawberries

dinner, sw chips, joes chinese chicken and a big salad with lettuce, red onion, cucumber and cherry toms 1tbs salad cream thinned out with a bit of vinegar (1 syn)

loads of tea and a diet pop

HE was 3 slices of ww danish bread toasted with a dairlylea triangle on each one as supper


1 salad cream
packet of velvets 4.5
1 caramelt 2
1 small kitkat 5
1 ww marshmallow slice thing 3

15.5 whoops :flirt2:
Today was a wierd day, the food has been strange, strangely filling.

breakfast, banana and tea

lunch, home made chicken soup tea

dinner, i made one of those egg loaf things with loads of veg and bacon and garlic, was really nice with a baked spud

load of fresh pineapple for pudding

HE was a cereal bar didnt manage the dairy bit today


velvets. 4.5
2 choccos 2
wham bar 5

total 11.5
Today was harsh, I am really tired.

breakfast was a banana and tea

lunch was more bloody soup, man I am bored of that soup but its finished now thank goodness!

afternoon snackage was the last slice of the eggy thing I made last night.

Dinner was a cop out, chips smoked sausage and beans and I have just realised I didnt count the syns in the sausage. :(

syns today have been

2 packs of velvets 8
1 caramenlt 2
curly burly 6
sausage 3.5

19.5 errrrrrrrrugh :( :(

I will try harder tomorrow, I am getting bored and its showing in my choices I think. :(

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