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The fat chicks diary ................

well where do i start ..... it all Begin when i was pregnant where i got the nick name " see it eat it" as i just ate and ate and ate
so from 11 stone 9 months later i had ballooned up to 18 stone man that's allot ,
lost 1 stone at birth ( welcome Sophie now 2 yrs old )
then Ive been fighting the bulge ever since
so far i have lost 4 stone gained 1 stone so I'm back

I'm going to do this ,this time I'm writing this diary to prove to myself i can do this and not just lurk on boards

i want to feel sexy again i want to feel me again not like a monster that's what i feel like i don't want to be told i have a pretty face , people always do this when you are bigger i hate it !!

i want my daughter to be proud of me and most of all which is terrible to say ...

i want and need to be a size 10 so shallow i know oops
I'm 5 foot 7 and at present I'm 13.6
I'm on 3 packs a day
wish me luck on a journey to my happiness

if you read all that you are mad tee hee :p
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so this morning ive had 2 cups of tea
and a b bliss tetra pack, i just love them
of to do my driving lesson at 10 am
got my test on the 3rd july
wish me luck spk to you later
i need to drink water ........
Good luck :D
ok so another day down ive drunk so much water 3.5 liters thats alot for me
cant wait for another week to go by so i can be a stone down roll on 2morrow
goodness me , woke up late sophie had tummy ache all night so was up half the night , then wake up to storms and so much rain raaaah so trying to get her ready for pre school while shes screaming as she hates storms ........
my mixer broke in the middle of my shake then my car wouldnt start ...... in the end all is fine shes at school and im off to woolworths to get another mixer
what a grand way to start the day hope it gets better
mental note drink more water !!!!!!!!!!!
thank god for tetra bix ;)
Go girl

Hi Holly

Know exactly what you mean by the - pretty face sh*t, when what people really mean is you have'nt got much else going for you (lol). Just don't want the first thing people see about me is my size.

Hope you find a new mixer, I just bought a cheapo hand blender for £4 for Tesco and it works like a dream.

Have a good day.

ive been sticking to this ss like glue and ive lost 11 pounds in 7 days yippee , im so happy i need to loose 2more stone to be in the correct bmi but i want to loose 1 more for myself
ive been working out 4 times a week for 1 hour weights and light cardio and i feel great
cant drink more than 3 litres , i just cant i try but feel sick so im sticking to my 3
OK Monday 2morrow so crack on and no weighing myself till next Sunday i really want to loose another 10 lbs
poppy , thanks for the tip i got my mixer from tesco for £4
lets hope i dont break this one im so heavy handed lol
soon people will say about us what a hot arse then will be moaning at that he he
hey been so busy sun bathing tee hee havent been on much
still going strong not going to weigh:scale::scale: myself for 3 weeks now as i want a big yippee !! he he
lovin my mix a mouse choc mint cant get enough of this yummmy
my little one loves it to , mind she only gets a wee bit as its mine all mine mine:D mine mine he he
funny what you get like lmao
driving lesson first thing :character00182:
Hi Holly

So pleased you had a great result. Glad you found the blender, I'm like you, heavy handed with everything, I figured for 4 quid it did'nt matter if I got thru one a month (lol:)).

Good luck with your test.

ok still on this ss and doing well havent weighed my self as i gota bit addicted to the old scales but got into my size 12 jeans a tad tight but they fit he he
i cant belive it
but maybe next jeans are larger any idears


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S: 14st12lb C: 14st10lb G: 11st12lb BMI: 36.5 Loss: 0st2lb(0.96%)
SIZE 12 NICE ONE GIRL!!! Next are pretty good for sizes ie they're accurate compared to others...having said that...it'll be a few more pounds and sizes before I see a 12! But I will be aiming for it...