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The First Hurdle! Rant Alert


Have a Little Patience x

Talk about falling at the first blimmin hurdle!! Just been to see my usually lovely and supportive GP about LL - all smiles and eager to tell him all about it. And he refused to sign my form! :eek: Said point blank that he didn't believe in it, that he'd been to meetings with the Borough Dietician who'd said not to advocate it and that was that.

I was nearly :cry: when I came out I was so frustrated. He just wanted to chuck more flippin pills at me!

What's made me cross is that he knows how rock bottom I am with the weight not coming off after all these years and he just pats me on the head and has told me that it's probably genetic. Yeah all 23 stone of it. :rolleyes:

How to pull the rug from under someone in one easy lesson eh?

I told him that I thought he'd have been happy for me and that at least this way I wouldn't be burdening the NHS but he was adamant about it.

Thank goodness for Alternative Recommended Doctors! :p I have an appointment at 9.30 tomorrow instead.

This is my first hurdle and I will not go racing to the biscuit tin to console myself.


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Hi, if you don't have any luck with the other doctor, why not consider giving W8 a go. It's virtually the same diet but they allow one 'real' meal a day on week 4 (from a list, not cod and chips! :( ) The weight losses seem to be as good as LL and it's slightly cheaper. I've done LL, it was excellent if you have a good leader, but I'm doing W8 now as its easier for me at the moment. Just a thought. Good luck with whatever you do! :):):)


Have a Little Patience x
Thanks hun - I've not heard of W8 but thanks for the heads up.

The new doc is someone that the Counsellor has recommended so hopefully it will be ok. It's not as though I've ever had huge health probs in the past - deffo not blood pressure or stuff like that. :sigh:
Poor you Wytchy! How disheartening for you... hope all goes well with the LLC recommended doctor, I'm sure it will!

Which borough do you live in by the way? My GP was really pleased I was doing something to lose weight, didn't have any probs with LL

Let us know how it goes x


Have a Little Patience x
Poor you Wytchy! How disheartening for you... hope all goes well with the LLC recommended doctor, I'm sure it will!

Which borough do you live in by the way? My GP was really pleased I was doing something to lose weight, didn't have any probs with LL

Let us know how it goes x
I live in the Black Country /West Midlands - I know Dudley Borough have been pushing the WW referrals but I don't get on with it very well. I know all the diet stuff but it's my other issues I think that need to be addressed too. Ho hum.

I'm not giving up!! I'm all feisty and focussed this morning!! (for now anyway!!) :D


nearly there!! :)
good luck with the other doc!
I used to goto the nurse in my doctors instead of my acual doctor.. a little cheat but she was lovely. She was always surprised how the weight came off each month. Good luck in getting it signed it's worth the trouble in the end.
After your initial form sign off, our llc has said that for your 28 day check up, as long as you're not on any medication, she will accept a printout from one of those machines you get in pharmacies which you can check your weight / pulse rate / blood pressure on... takes away the hassle of going to the doc's and it's only a couple of quid... might be worth finding out if your llc will accept xx
You'll find someone to sign the form so dont worry. And it will be definitely worth it. My GP was very sceptical at first and didn't really like the idea but he is SO impressed with my results that he said he will recommend LL to others now :)

Good luck with it
Hiya, I'm a bit late here as I've lots of posts to catch up on following my holiday. I really don't think that that GPs should be allowed to put accross their personal opinion regarding this diet. I think if they refuse there should be a geniune medical reason for it. I was lucky with my GP. I went in (the appt was half an hour over schedule) and he was so apologetic so i think he was in a bit of a hurry to catch up on the clinic time. So I went the stance of "you've been so supportive in the past regarding my weight...blah blah" and it worked, although he said he only had one other patient on it and didn't know how they were doing. I went back after 12 weeks for something different and he was amazed and really geniunely pleased for me. I told him I wholly recommend this diet, so if any of his other patients were at their wits end...it's worth a shot! I think the more positive stories they see the more inclined they will be to sign the forms for others.

Anyway, glad you got the form signed and all the best with it. To have the determination to go through all of that, you clearly have the strength required to succeed! I look forward to reading your successes :)


Have a Little Patience x
Kaalin thanks so much for that post. We were having a convo last night at class about how different the GP's had been. Some had wanted to charge, some didn't bother, some just gave the forms a cursory glance and just whisked through them. Mine was the only one who said he wasn't going to sign it!

Wow!! I've just noticed your weight loss log!! Fantastic!!!
That'll be you next!! Preferably without the gain. But then it wasn't anywhere near what it normally would be. This diet really works. Once those first few days are over, you're laughing!! xxx
Glad you got your form sorted in time for week 1, I was really suprised at the varied reactions the girls in my group had got from their GP. Luckily mine was totally on board, but one of our girls GP charged her £95 for filling out the form! It's pretty daunting.

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