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The guilt box

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Hi all, thought I would try and help all of us who are black and blue from beating ourselves up over our slip ups. So, I have put a box here for us to drop all those baaaaaaad feelings into, they are then put away and can be forgotten, that way we can move on to more positive vibes.
Everyone can confess to the "naughties" on this post, dump problems and get rid of anything that is holding them back from having a good day. The lid will never come off to haunt you ever again over these things. What a relief!

I will start by putting in my chockie binge the other day in and being a grumpy old sod this morning with my hubby, and he has now gone to Cornwall with the girls for a week.

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okay I will put in lots of wine, cheese and crackers of all varities:eek: and bagels

And my grumpy mood I have had all weekend at hubby for no reason other than been :mad: at myself:p

wipe hands and ahem:kissass:


Slow but sure....
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Wonderful idea Charlotte, thank you so much....X

I had a big handful of dolly mixtures last night, yes I know I am in my second childhood, LOL...


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Er...can I put in (and sorry if they start to whiff by the end of the day!) eight roast potatoes and three yorkshire puddings (not all int he one day!)....big slice of lemon and blueberry cake...can of stella and a glass of wine....

Oh I feel better now! let's see if that feeling lasts until after weigh in tonight...weighing in on a Monday is a biatch!


is getting better at it
S: 17st10lb C: 15st3lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 41.6 Loss: 2st7lb(14.11%)
what a great idea,
can i put the last 2 weeks in please along with my negative feelings and thoughts
thank you


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Numerous Malibu's, chocolate fingers (2 boxes), Burger King and a chinese takeaway all over the last 2 weeks! Ah i feel better now. Thanks x
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Lol! Cocktail sausages at a child's party yesterday! Only 5 though... could have eaten the whole plate!
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Into the box goes...

All my crappy thoughts at the moment, regarding my band, my friend's wedding (that OH is only partially invited to...don't get me started on that one) my glumness about not losing anything for weeks, and my general lethargy and assoicated guilt.

Also into the box goes several bits of food from the weekend that I should have counted but have instead just lowered my syn threshold to 70 instead of 105 for the week to compensate for the 35 'unknowns'. I did count most of it, but I 'forgot' the 5 or 6 little canapes, the dollop of yoghurt on my strawberries and the mustard with my dinner. Today = guilt!

Thanks - good thread :)


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Can I put in all my bad feelings for my OH's kids please? Oh and the fruit cake and fried egg I had this weekend too.
Thank you ;-)


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In goes: -

Guilty feelings and failure for giving into some haribo, swizzle lollies and parma violets
Disappointment and trying to go for a jog this morning and failing miserably
All my nerves for tonights weigh in

* big sigh*

Feel loads better now xxxx


soon to be skinny minnie
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In goes almost a half bottle of voddy from last night (eek) and the hangover. 1/3 of a raspberry and vanilla cheesecake, packet of crisps and a wispa. My cramp as af is here and my bad mood from the weekend. All my guilty feelings of not sticking to plan.

There that feels good to get that all out of the way. A fresh new monday.

miss jelly tot

CWP Consultant
S: 13st12lb
In goes a cupboard full of food!! 2 chineses and massive pizza, chocolate galore and about 3 loafs of bread :mad::mad: So mad with myself. Oh well goodbye rubbish in the box:wavey: and hello healthy food.

Miss Q

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Erm....In to the guilty box goes 2 *bottles* of wine on Saturday night, annoyed as only just beginning my second week and have messed up already :(

Ahh that does feel better!


I will succeed!!!
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My guilt box additions:

1 - Work - PAH! Take away and feel free to keep forever ;) hehe
2 - Had my worst SW week so far and feeling like poo physically. Will fix it though so not too worried


slow but steady!
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into the box goes 10 sailor jerry rums from saturday night!

along with a galaxy caramel, a chicken tikka pasty, an oreo milkshake from kfc and a slice of cheesecake! all from the last week which i didn't need and gave me a gain boo!


frugal fifer

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In goes my bad feelings about myself and the way I look as well as the burger I had a bite of the other night - just one but it was enough!
S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I don't really have anything foody to put in, other than the feelings of letting myself down these past few weeks and getting too complacent, which resulted in regular gains. I'd like to put in the guilt that i feel for not being able to really enjoy the party my family threw me last night, as they worked so hard to sneak booze and naughty chocolate things into the spa last night, and i didnt feel like i could eat them because im tryin to hard to shift weight for the slimmer of the year next month.

and the feelings i have toward my younger sisters who keep eating all my food and diet pepsi. I know its silly, but it really irratates me. :( i hate being so possessive over my food, but its expensive!!

so grumpy and guilty feelings.. here you go!
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The constant grazing ive had today, the biscuits I made with my daughter and ended up eating 4 of and not exercising as much as I should do


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I don't have any naughty food to put in the box as in the 8 weeks I have been back on SW I haven't had any. Not even one sweet or biscuit! I have always stayed at 105 syns per week, or less with only one week of doing 110. And that was due to a flexi day, and booze related.
I can put in my negative thoughts about myself and my body and the anger I feel at myself for not loosing weight faster. I should be happy that it's coming off while I am eating so well and love SW.
I can also put in the nasty side of me when I ***** at my hubby who does most of the cooking but I complain when he does'nt get it just right, and sometimes refuse to eat what he made as it has syns which I don't want to eat! He is trying and I should be more grateful and just count them rather than not eat what he made.
Phew that's better. Thanks for the thread!

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